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The same   Oulu, Finland
Masochist-gamer in training.


Blazing Beak (for now)


Hero Siege
Nuclear Throne
One finger death punch
Skelly Selest
The End Is Nigh

A good man's past makes people curious! But if he's a bad man, then it makes me wanna see even more! ~Grell Stutcliff
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These for Pure or Item overpay/mixed (+20%).

Gift Wrap: 3.33 ref
Blast Defense: 3 ref
Final Frontiersman: 4.66 ref
Warhood: 5.55 ref
Cabin Fevered Air Strike(FT): 4.66 ref

I'm also selling keys for 28.33 ref each.
12 iQ Jul 10 @ 4:45am 
offer sent
BoKnightley Jun 18 @ 12:34am 
offer sent
[kor]zi존무앙!!! May 7 @ 12:47am 
look trade reqeust
Kel Apr 23 @ 8:50pm 
Buying your operator overalls
MyName | Apr 16 @ 10:21pm 
Sent you a trade request
pann mann Apr 11 @ 4:07pm 
Hey my dude, im a friend of oreos and im just adding you so incase he is unavailable i could contact you. And you like playing uberupgrades I heard as well, so thats also nice.