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[HB] Kenneth: Damien
[HB]Stannis Baratheon: wat
[HB] Kenneth: Suns almost got arrested for cp
[HB]Stannis Baratheon: what
[HB]Stannis Baratheon: wat
[HB]Stannis Baratheon: WAT
[HB] Kenneth: His mom took suns phone away and this girls sent him shit and his mother thought he was getting harassed so she reported it to the principal
[HB] Kenneth: The principal thought it was cp
[HB]Stannis Baratheon: ehst
[HB]Stannis Baratheon: what
[HB]Stannis Baratheon: kinds of shit
[HB] Kenneth: And threatened to call the cops
[HB] Kenneth: The dean intervened and suns ended up getting detentions and forced to get tutored
[HB]Stannis Baratheon: WHAT KIND OF SHIT
[HB] Kenneth: For classes he's already passing
[HB]Stannis Baratheon: WAS BEING SENT
[HB] Kenneth: it was her face and a penis forming from emojis in her mouth
[HB] Kenneth: That's what suns said
[HB]Stannis Baratheon: TOPKEEEEKKK
[HB]Stannis Baratheon: suns sent that
[HB]Stannis Baratheon: or
[HB]Stannis Baratheon: she
[HB]Stannis Baratheon: sent that to him
[HB] Kenneth: She did
[HB]Stannis Baratheon: HOLY FUCKING SHIT
[HB]Stannis Baratheon: HAHAHA
[HB] Kenneth: Out of nowhere
[HB]Stannis Baratheon: ULTIMATE COCK BLOCK
[HB]Stannis Baratheon: HIS FUCKING MOM
[HB]Stannis Baratheon: i feel so sorry for the girl
[HB]Stannis Baratheon: give me suns's number right now
[HB]Stannis Baratheon: logsdog
[HB] Kenneth: I don't have it
[HB]Stannis Baratheon: then
[HB]Stannis Baratheon: how have
[HB]Stannis Baratheon: you been talking to him
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no i still remeber you!
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I used to love u