Mischeif Kettinger   Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
if you try to sacm me... uh...
skidaddle skidoodle... your...*sigh*
more info in the read more thing

past aliases:
✨❤✨~HAk_KTt_1987.exe / spawn acsess delivery boy / Mr.conga_horse/HELL PYRO/DJ.gLictYth_kaAat/Mewz_Teh_g4m3r/MERASMEWZ!/Mewz/TheFurry27/FurryHanzo/Mewz the half-elf theif/RTeemoDoseTHICCMellonsAndSuch/
MewzDoseGamesAndSuch/xX_super_weed_420_noscopez_Xx/xX_g a y_ p o r t a l_ f ag_Xx/MewzGameing/NephewMischief/MewzGaming/cujo/pure_feline_fury/9_Loves~✨♠✨

pocketing: 1 rec per game(all rounds before map change) in casual or 1 scrap per round with the first one free(use this knowledge to your advantage, as this is the only way you'll know for casual (yes, it works in casual)),comunity servers are a ref per hour, 2 rec if under an hour. any weapon loadout you request is free, custom cosmetic and name choice is 1 scrap per each one, and 1 rec for both.
currently available: saturdays+sundays
selling:lvl. 69 blast defence: 2.88 ref, uncraftable fire brigade: 4 ref.. any over pay has to bt at least 150% of the original price, and anything above 250% will see change asap(not instant, as soon as possible,most likely in ref).
buying: cosmetics [backpack.tf] weapons(coming soon)

trade link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=314534056&token=7VivCmO8
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Mayo playing Wumbologist Apr 7 @ 11:32am 
This team makes me want to die.
⚡Ninja. S> 4 unusuals⚡ Mar 23 @ 3:52pm 
And sent an offer
⚡Ninja. S> 4 unusuals⚡ Mar 23 @ 3:45pm 
I want to buy your war paint crates. (Unbox timeeee :D)
Shine On You Crazy Diamond Feb 16 @ 12:49pm 
My weeb senses are tingling...
Momma Nyxi Jan 15 @ 11:16am 
Shadow Jan 15 @ 10:52am 
Hello Mr.Mewz,I added you for a trade for a good offer are you interested?