Morten Lassen   Aalborg, Nordjylland, Denmark
I've been gaming since VIC 20 and Commodore 64 in the mid 80'es.
Began playing Civilization back in '91.
Started playing Counter Strike back in '99 or so, when it was 1.2 or 1.3 if I remember correcty.
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Pjoter WildfireWolf Apr 22 @ 12:46am 
+rep cool and friendly danger zone veteran :steamhappy:
MortVader Apr 19 @ 2:05am 
Huh? Scammer?? wut?
nice try, scammer
MortVader Apr 2 @ 7:31am 
Because you use whine?
iKefan Apr 2 @ 3:05am 
becuause you use cheats
MortVader Apr 2 @ 1:57am 
Do you think I am cheating, because I killed you and won a Danger Zone. You think it is impossible for someone to beat you, without cheating? :) I am not cheating. Never have, never will. If it might change your mind, you can look at some of my videos. I listen for footsteps, and use general game-sense, I guess ;) See you next time!