Antoine   France
A furry. What can I add ?
Call me Aswern, Ingvar or Antoine, like you want.
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The Aswern's box :
:stnc_warning: LITTLE WARNING :stnc_warning:
I change my avatar very often !
My avatars are around Ingvar or Antoine
If my avatar is not around Ingvar or Antoine, it's temporary (joke, desire, ...)

:capturedsystem: PERSONALITY :capturedsystem:
Sup', I'm Aswern, an old dude
I'm a swedish french cat. So yeah, i'm a furry.
Losing time on Internet
You can speak with me if you want, I'm always accessible. If i'm offline or away, you can let me a message, i'll answer you don't worry
If you want to add me, you can do it !

IRL infos :
I'm old, that's all :p

:SleepingValley: MAIN GAMES :SleepingValley:

Favorite game :
:ElizaHeart: Night in the Woods :ElizaHeart:

Most playing :
:towngem: Garry's mod
:towngem: Counter Strike : Global Offensive
:towngem: Osu! (Name : Aswern)

Others games :
:blingwrench: Overwatch
:blingwrench: Warhammer 40 000 : Dawn of War
:blingwrench: Total War's games
:blingwrench: Shiness : The Lightning Kingdom
:blingwrench: Telltale's series (The Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc...)
:blingwrench: Town of Salem
:blingwrench: Payday 2
And a lot of more games...

:bshealth: COMPLEMENTAL INFO :bshealth:

Nametags :litteras_M::litteras_E::
Contact :speech::
Discord : Aswern#4028 (most active)
Telegram : @Aswern
Others contact : Skype, Teamspeak [Ask !]

Games :VIVEHeadset::
Osu! : Aswern - (4/5 stars)
Blizzard battletag : Aswern#2588
Uplay : MonsterCat-Chan
Favorite Group
[FURRY] - Public Group
Welcome to [FURRY]!
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Yexel Nilon Aug 8 @ 12:24am 
That pic is great
Jul 10 @ 8:41am 
TheLordSushi Jul 4 @ 8:37am 
Skidaddle Skiddoddle your♥♥♥♥♥♥is now a furry noodle :3
mae Jun 27 @ 5:52am 
Super cool art n stuuuuuffs :kaizen_happy:
Jun 17 @ 12:05pm 
My little furry <3
Rainmon May 30 @ 12:14pm 
+ rep. Through the years on steam,ive never ever seen any other guy changing names like he does,but whats important ? he may have any ♥♥♥♥ing name on planet,but u still know its MonsterCat weSmart :Fistofdosh::essenceofwater: