I'm not lawful.
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Me after finishing an Eroge...

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[Verse 1: Chillindude829]

I'm not lawful, make this pussy stop talking
You're not one of the gods, you're one of the god-awfuls
We all got gimped when looking at your Fox
Bitch, stick to Smash 4 and losing by four stocks
Not a fan of your style
You ain't standing your ground
Get wins while kicking a man when he's down
Like, "I beat Mango, I'm the favorite if he chokes!
As far as Armada goes, I'll just wait 'til he's a host."
Ain't no telling how foolish you'll be lookin' can't contain the ass whooping
Right when we realize the money match is over
That'll be your cue to throw your controller

[Verse 2: Chillindude829]

Expose you as a fraud
Yeah I'll be blowing you up
Who said you were a god?
I know it wasn't Plup
Been here ten years and you know I'm showing up
For a man of many words, I think you've said enough
But, the only way to make you hush
First I'll body bag your Fox then .zip it shut
'Imma put you in your place
Kid, you a disgrace
Get killed quick like that missile hit you in the face
After all of this you'll be watching your mouth
Ain't no telling who'll be calling you out
Salty Suite goes down
You better come correct
Until you win a major show your elders some respect

[Verse 3: Chillindude829]

P.S. Leffen, I ain't done yet
I'm the underdog so place your bets
Whoever want to see Leffen looking dumb
Throw your money on the line cause I'm making some
Gotta say bro you're looking awfully weak
Wait and see what happens at the Salty Suite
Vanilla Fox don't suit you so go find another
Teach you a lesson and take back my color

I rarely play online multiplayer games (on Steam). For obvious "reasons".
Actually, I'm afraid of getting a VAC Ban. I don't fully trust Steam and it's flawed system.

“The suffering of others is the most amusing thing there is.” -King Dedede

“I am matter... I am antimatter... I can see your past... I can see your future...
I consume time... And I will consume you!”
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Unless they make a new game I couldn't care less.
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no u