I. MonkeyMasterB8
HI. Thats all
Also 9/11 was T-Sided

I'm proud of my absolute slaughter: https://postimg.cc/image/tdtvnzl8r/

1:17 PM - CENSORED: I had a dream you went to an interview
1:18 PM - CENSORED: The interviewer was a large white last
1:18 PM - CENSORED: Lady
1:18 PM - CENSORED: She ask you about stuff on the Resume
1:18 PM - CENSORED: For some reason she was very impressed by everything you said
1:19 PM - CENSORED: As if you were saying all the right things
1:19 PM - CENSORED: Then she asked you about the languages you spoke
1:20 PM - CENSORED: And got someone on the line who also spoke it to test if you were really fluent
1:20 PM - CENSORED: You were like uhh ok and started speaking to the guy fluently
1:20 PM - CENSORED: And the lady was amazed
1:20 PM - CENSORED: And you just kept talking to the dude
1:21 PM - CENSORED: When you looked back she was leaning back in her chair and fanning herself
1:21 PM - CENSORED: Clearly turned on o_o
1:21 PM - CENSORED: Apparently she had a character she wrote and you were just like him so she found you hot
1:22 PM - CENSORED: Then my dream ended
1:22 PM - CENSORED: It was weird af
1:22 PM - CENSORED: I know it was you cause I remember clearly hearing your voice
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(In)Capable Feb 19 @ 2:08pm 
Its monkey he finds a way. He always does
Autogyro Feb 19 @ 1:21pm 
I believe that. I mean, Monkey. xD
Autogyro Feb 19 @ 11:49am 
*falls over giggiing* How can you play explosing kittens wrong?
Steaklington Feb 18 @ 6:24pm 
-rep plays exploding kittens wrong
(In)Capable Feb 18 @ 6:24pm 
- rep cheated at table top
fire Feb 18 @ 5:31pm 
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