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Also known as "neodos" in JSRF and Halo 2 modding scenes.

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Dispense faster on the battlefield!!

Blueprint included
Includes (5) Gibs

Special thanks to Frying Dutchman for the custom HUD icons.

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Hey there. Myself and others are wondering about the status of TFMV and if it is still being worked on. Currently the program doesn't download the latest schema successfully (it gets stuck in a loop), and it stops responding when creating a loadout. Do these issues contribute to the fact that the steam guide is gone, or are there other issues? It was a such a fantastic utility.
WickEDel 2019년 2월 10일 오후 12시 50분 
Hi I'm going to make Packable Provisions backpack irl for my Engineer cosplay and seeing how you are one of the creators of the item I'm wondering if there is any more detailed sketches or wip stuff that I can use for references to make the patterns. I can get a rough estimate from in game screenshots, but anything else would be appreciated ^^
C.Fordo 2019년 1월 26일 오전 12시 30분 
Added to talk about new projects for TF2 Workshop