You wanna cry now, better off dying.

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I'm fine, quit asking.
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Could use some time off.
Filipino man who has no better hobbies other than making videos or playing games.
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Games that I frequent are MONSTER HUNTER : WORLD, Darkest Dungeon®, Team Fortress 2, and any games that my friends are playing that I find fun or worth my time.
I'm not playing Battle Royale games. I don't find them fun, and it's oversaturated at this point.

As life ebbs, terrible vistas of emptiness reveal themselves
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𝓣 𝓞 𝓖 𝓐 Jan 7 @ 4:28am 
the only tiers that matters are spike and flutterbat. put everything else on "crutch" there you go
Astre de Noire Jan 6 @ 10:24pm 
Astro Jan 6 @ 10:23pm 
when you commit dinosaur let lose in your park
Astre de Noire Jan 6 @ 10:19pm 
where's my tier list
𝓣 𝓞 𝓖 𝓐 Oct 26, 2018 @ 1:45am 
I'll fight you with beans
slut4Twix Sep 26, 2018 @ 1:47pm