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Hello! Mokey The Miserable Mouse here! I'm not actually a Mouse, and I'm not a bloody furry either, but I am here to play some vivid video games and trade some awesome items. I'm writer and producer for the "Cob's Underground and Unsigned" radio show alongside my director and presenter, the one and only C-O-B. It's free for everyone! Yes, okay...this is essentially an advertisement but f*ck it, I love my work so cut me some slack!

The Real Mokey
Hello! I lied. I'm not called Mokey, and nor am I called Mouse. My name is Jacob and I'm a Brit from Surrey, England. I love playing a variety of video games including but not limited too TF2, DeepRock, Payday2, Planetside2 and a bunch more! You may even have spotted me f*cking around in VRChat a few times, or prehaps bumped into me on a trade server. In any case! Welcome! Below follows a little bit about me in a simple format!

NAME: Mokey Jacob
AGE: 22 Years
POLITICS: No Affiliation
RELIGION: Agnostic
MUSIC: Heavy Metal/Power MetalDeathcore/Indie Rock/Rock/Dark Dubstep/Deathstep/Synthwave/General EDM

TF2 Mains
1) Engineer
2) Soldier
3) Pyro
4) Medic

Deeprock Mains
1) Scout
2) Driller
3) Gunner
4) Engineer

Payday 2 Mains
1) Jimmy
2) Scar Face
3) Sokol

Planetside 2 Mains
1) Infiltrator
2) Engineer
3) Heavy

Planetside 2 Main Factions
1) Terran Republic (TR)
2) New Conglomerate (NC)
3) Vanu Sovereignty (VS)

Profile Theme
GLORYHAMMER - Masters of The Galaxy

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Arminius Mouse (Profile Version)
Important Trading Rules
I am a nice person and reasonable trader who uses BPTF as my main price guide. I have a good track record, with good reputation and a decent amount of trading experience. The following rules are not to intimidate, but I have them to avoid scams. I don't like to be f*cked over. If you break these rules then I will likely just disregard you. Feel Free to Send me a Trade OFFER using the following URL:

Important Trading Rules
-Do NOT beg, demand whine or otherwise moan like a little pu*sy b*tch ( It pisses me off )
-Do NOT attempt to add me to your friends list just for trading ( Send me an offer instead )
-Do NOT ask for items I have not explicitly said I am selling ( Unless we are haggling )
-Do NOT ask me to trade with you via a site I do not use ( See below )
-Do NOT ask for item validation including OpSkins validation ( It's bu*lshit and I know it )
-Do NOT request for or use a middle man ( This does not include trade bots )
-Do NOT attempt to deliberately shark or otherwise scam me ( You'll make me cry )
-Do NOT use/promise money, games or items not currently in your inventory ( It's sketchy )
-Do NOT ask me to gamble or donate my items to you or too anyone else ( I just wont do it )

I reserve the right to decline any trade I see fit. If I suspect foul play, I will give you fair warning, and if the situation continues, then I will either ignore, block and/or report you depending on what rule you have broken.

Sites I Use:
Backpack .TF
Scrap .TF
Loadout .TF
Calculator .TF
Trade .TF
TF Bazzar
Warframe Market
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Arminius The Literal Mouse
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Favorite Guide
So you desire to cheat? Good on you! Its the sure fire way to victory over any race of any beings! Cheating is an art in many games, but its an important feature that many Mount and Blade players value. This guide will list some features of Cheating in Mou
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Colour Audio Visuliser Pre-Set

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