funny siivagunner man.

I run a trade bot, he's my baby <3

If you need to contact me for a bot-related refund just add me on discord:
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Look 'ma! I got impersonators, I finally made it big!
So yeah, you don't need to comment before adding, because some loser is stalking my comments.
If you really want, you can send me a trade offer with a message

Discussion accounts are not a thing, and have never been a thing.
It's just a trick by scammers to explain why they can't be arsed to set up their profile properly to actually impersonate someone.

The Hall of Shame:
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Trades Made
Market Transactions
D. Jul 10 @ 9:09pm 
Added to talk about your straw hat
AGМ Jun 30 @ 4:18pm 
heey, added ;3
Added to discuss trade for item that your bot has
Chief Bopo Jun 1 @ 6:17am 
sent an item offer to your bot, feel free to add me to negotiate
ZEKAI - Buying Backpacks Mar 22 @ 4:55pm 
added to discuss pricing suggestion from tyrants you just sold
SzaltHimself #FixTF2 Mar 11 @ 12:37am 
Added for a bot holding a scammed item im chasing up, Proof shown when added