Stare Catto
Do you know the Muffin Man?
Some german lad who's a retarded trader, a fanboy of all sorts of fandoms, games and artists
I'm normal. :^)

Wall of Quotes featuring some of the biggest madlads on the block!
(more to come)

Rey: mucy gang mucy gang mucy gang mucy gang mucy gang

[Admin] Hawkborne : !gag daddy 60 spamming chat
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*Generic Info Box Title*
How to verify it's ME talking to you
● I will never have anything along the lines of "Discussion account", a private inventory or some bullshit like that
● I don't promote any website unless I'm currently using it to dump some shitty unusual there and will quickly remove it
● I will ALWAYS have a (1 of 1) Stare From Beyond Ye Olde Baker Boy and a Frostbite Katyusha in my inventory, never trading them away!
● Something something Broken English something something Thousands of hours in Dota (which I won't ever play) something something rude af

If you spot an impersonator, do me a favor and report them on all 3 SteamRep, and Steam to alert any and every one of what they're doing!

Links backpack []
My trust []
Trade offer link
SteamRep []
Discord? Yes I have that, only giving out to those peeps I feel comfortable around, you may find me on the Official Discord though.

Some rules, because I like mocking you
I am not accepting your invite if you:
● have a private profile OR inventory
● are marked on any trading site (unless it's trading with scammers)

About Brokering Services
I can assure you that I've successfully sold unusuals worth 10 keys all the way up to 100+ keys!
Fees are usually 5% sub-100 keys and 10%+ for hats over 100 keys!

*Unnecessary Generic FAQ*
1. I added and commented you, WHY AREN'T YOU ANSWERING ME?!?
- Mate, I must've been offline for a while or haven't checked 'cause usually I'm online like most of the day.
If you do end up SOMEHOW getting missed out, sorry for that, I might just not have the time to talk to you right now. I have work, hobbies and a bloody LIFE, pally, chill.

2. Why the fuck are you dropping my hat? Stop targetting my lazy ass!
- I just happen to be a suggester, I devote some time of my life to actually reflect what the market is on your hat. Tough work. If I happen to drop multiple hats of you it just might be a random occurrence or I'm on a Mini train (i.e. finding a Mini for a Mini for a Mini etc.) where I often don't care about you or your hat if I have to price it.

3. Can I add you even for something non-trading related?
- I don't mind, just... don't be a nuisance, aight? I don't play too often at this point so yeah.

4. Do you do cash trades?
- Yes and no. I'll do them if I can be assured by your rep that you're trustable and whoever has less will go first. (usually me judging by that singular cash rep XP)
If you show any kind of sign that you're about to scam me or you're not 100% trustable according to your rep I will deny any and all of your cash trade requests and will ask you to use or BitSkins to buy keys and then talk to me again or block you in case I sense a scam. I do NOT accept Steam Wallet Funds or Gift card codes as cash and WILL deny requests of doing those kinds of trades.

5. Hey I like to offer on stuff that you haven't listed for sale, are you interested in any offer?
- If you want to, go ahead, I won't care about offers though. Any offers including them will be automatically declined (or countered without them if I do am still interested in whatever you offered)
They're my babies and I don't trade them away. Never. EVER.

6. Any kind of personal stuff you wanna talk about or more info on who you are IRL?
- Be a good friend of mine for longer than just a couple conversations and I might open up to you.
Only thing I'll tell is that I'm heavily into music and devote time practicing on an E-Guitar aswell as my keyboard and regularly (try to) produce music :)

7. Any chance of trade backs?
- If I'm the one wanting to do so yes. If you ask me to do so though I usually will disagree unless it's for the better of the both of us.

8. Any chance I can reserve something?
- Of course, just leave me a deposit of some kind, get your stuff together and you'll get back what you deposited! Unable or unwilling to do so? Can't guarantee you the item is gonna be yours in that case.

9. CAn U gIvE mE fReE ItEmS???
- Short and simple. No. Unless you're a good friend of mine!

Some music I listen to
❣️"Life is but a dream, we livin', stop trippin', you know what it is, you know what it isn't!"❣️

What gets me up in the morning to start the day ^°^
Lowest I'd go is about three fiddy(350).
Nebo Aug 22 @ 9:27am 
Found a way to get a full screenshot of the trade.
Stare Catto Aug 20 @ 9:03am 
I don't speak Mongolian but thanks
萌唱 Aug 20 @ 9:00am 
сайн гичий авах
Gatsny Aug 19 @ 7:37pm 
thanks for the trade
Bacon Trees Aug 15 @ 12:20pm 
added for c heart noir