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I honestly can't recommend the Global version of Phantasy Star Online 2 in its current state. As a long time PSO2JP player I gave it a try at the pressure of several friends, but I ended up hating it. How, might you ask, considering it's basically the same exact game? You can thank Microsoft for needing to milk it dry for that.

It appears that a large amount of the scaling is, pure and simple, skewed. The game itself appears to be entirely balanced around having a Lv95 class cap, but is currently set to Lv80 while they're introducing new content. At first I felt like the twice monthly content updates seemed kind of nice, but the more I play of it, the more I realize how much of a mistake that is.

It seems that for the most part, many enemies that are Super Hard leveled or lower have scaling that is unique from the Japanese version. Many Super hard enemies themselves are actually harder than their Extra Hard variants due to HP scaling.

Meanwhile, if you take a look at the Ultimate Quests, they're clearly the newer revamped style the Japanese version has, which many might see as a good thing, but I personally think is bad. Due to the 2 weeks content cycle I mentioned earlier, it's basically impossible to be equipped to the same extent Japanese players were at the time of content releases. This isn't just because it's releasing too quickly, but also because so much is straight up missing.

I do fully understand that, as a new release, stuff *will* be missing no matter what, but I feel to this extent is unacceptable. They're straight up changing the way many things work. For example, on the japanese version, you can trade 20 EX-Cubes for Lv17 Techniques and Photon Arts. On the Global version, this is impossible. I get that this is so that everyone doesn't straight have them immediately and defeat their value and purpose, but this also causes the market to be flooded with ones that numerous players can't afford, and makes playing Tech- or element dependent classes that much more difficult.

When it comes to the Challenge Quests, there's been only a small number of changes, primarily because the enemies present simply don't exist over here, such as the Cougar robot from Border Break that we for some reason did not get despite it being SEGA owned IP. The Challenge Points can be spent on Ideal weapon camos as well as Revolucio weapons, and that is all. However, on the JP Version, there is actual Ideal Weapons and even Units they can be spent on, and there's even Client Orders associated with these that don't exist.

Now I went into this knowing that it was going to be fairly poorly monetized. I fully expected the Mission Pass to be a crackpot of anger like all "battle pass" style things are in games for me. Little did I expect it to be as it is. When you first get started, it will likely seem to not be too bad. Easily achievable tasks that don't require far too much time and dedication to be worth it. The problem comes in when it needs a multitude of things that are basically dependent on other players due to currently released content or scaling, or otherwise requires time and dedication.

The one thing, however, that basically completely kills this localization for me. That's the Fresh Finds Shop. On the Japanese version it's an entirely different concept, with separate shops at the same NPC for Star Gems and Meseta, but the stuff being sold isn't anywhere near in the same regard. On the SG one you will likely see some Emergency Quest (Urgent Quest on Global) triggers, some Class EX-Cubes and other things that are just nice little extras you don't feel pressured to get. On the Meseta one you are likely to see things that are older and often are low supply on shops. These things get regularly rotated.

On the Global version, it sucks. It seems that basically half of each month since release, the entire shop has been accessible. Why? That's because monetization. Microsoft, in all their infinite wisdom, has decided that most of the fashion items that makes Phantasy Star Online 2 become Phashion Star Online need to be untradable, and Fear of Missing Out (FoMO). I have no idea what has compelled them to this aside from corporate greed. On the Japanese version, the number of untradable fashion items can be just about counting on your fingers if you don't consider the color variants that most people don't. Global, it's uncountable because it's nearly all of them. Plus it's next to impossible to get them anyways because the shop is down so often because Microsoft needs to make them untradable, and clearly continues failing at them.

I wanted to like this localization. I really, truly did. As a long time JRPG and MMO Player, and a huge fan of the game, I was excited for it. But sadly there's just far too many things being changed or, in my opinion, being done poorly for me to do so. If you enjoy it, good for you, but I can honestly say that the Japanese version is infinitely better. Furthermore, the Japanese version with the fan translation actually has fewer translation errors than Global! Isn't that something, pay someone to do a job and get a half-baked work with errors everywhere, have true fans do it and get actual content.


If you don't mind Fear of Missing Out, it's still a good game. If you can't stand monetization, play JP.

Edit: Decided to edit this for the Steam rewards event since it's one of my few reviews. I did some looking into things and I pretty much will keep this as is. Also, "Rivalate", really? It's リバレイト (ribaraito) which is clearly "Liberate", a pre-existing word. I get the whole L/R thing but are they even trying? It's like they've got two or three translators per thing and they don't communicate at all, one of them transliterating things, one doing it from scratch and the other taking things from the unofficial patch.
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