Mitchell   Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
" You see, you don't have to be crazy to do this, but it sincerely helps " - Bob Ross


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Some Moments

H♥S mickey : #MitchleForCutest2k16

Doors: steam meesauseage alert!
Doors: ur gay nigg

malazan : Your name is Mitch.
malazan : That level of homo is hard to surpass

Taswell ϟϟ: [] I don't know, I just got home and checked pol

Ralph: im gonna dontate to the dumb nigga association in your name

mitchle : wow you guys are horrible, want me to boost you to global after this game?
*DEAD* Tweety : fuck you

*DEAD* Devil!` : .... when I get money for auto,, this game is over.....

ShayVolta : Mitchle your so salty your kidneys might fail xD

*DEAD* Mitchle : wow you guys are horrible
*DEAD* Vexa : hacker

ej: engis MAD
mitchle: you wont like me when im hungry
ej has changed their name to you wont like me when im hungry..
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Pro Gamer Abilities

Season 19 (steel)- Heart of Steel [] | Main spy 9-3 (3rd place)
Season 20 (silver) - 3k5 DPM [] | Main spy 3-5
Season 21 (plat) - Ok👌🏼 [] | Sub spy/all class sub 3-5


Season 23 (steel) - ErA [] | Main medic 6-2
Season 24 (silver) - ErA [] | Sub medic 1-1 [Disbanded LOL]


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I am the smartest man on the internet and can prove it
Ralph Apr 23 @ 7:42pm 
whoever you are, please marry me. I'll do anything, I'll come to India, anything to make this possible. I've never been lucky to know any female with the ability to think and / or explain anything logically. You're truly amazing
Ralph Apr 23 @ 1:34am 
wtf mitch this "loop" guy added me and asked if he could see a pic of my "chocolate starfish"... do u know what that means cause it sounds dirty and i don't like it
Jimmy Jangles Apr 22 @ 12:41pm 
Yeah I mean it's always just taken for granted because of clown world indoctrination that people like Lennon actually had these amazingly profound insights and when you really look at them for who they were you find out that nah he's really just a childish asshole with a fucked personal life but MUH IMAGINE ALL DA BEOBLE LIVIN IN PEACE
loop Apr 21 @ 11:04pm 
a scamer would not go through these lenghts to say that youre a good person
loop Apr 21 @ 11:02pm 
may peace be to you and others that come around
loop Apr 21 @ 11:01pm 
have a good day :]