A Virus Named Toast
Toast (What did you expect?)   United States
All Your Toasters Are Belong To Us
If you know me well, you'd know me as a weirDOUGH
I'm someone you can CRUST!
If you KNEAD to trade with me, add me!
Who knows? I might even accept! After all, my inventory is JAM packed!
Don't be a jerk and me staying your friend will be the YEAST of your problems!
I'm not always the best at games, so don't blame me if I'm CREPE.
If I don't answer your message, then I'm usually gone, or in the SCONE!
Or I'm sleeping, in that case, wait until I BAKE up.
In Don't Starve, WX78 is usually my GRAIN.
I know I'm on a ROLL with these bread BUNS, but I BUTTER stop.

~Founder of Spider Nation 2015~
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A Virus Named Toast Jul 4 @ 9:07am 
aahh, my mistake
CRAZY VIKING Jul 4 @ 9:04am 
I am buying a strange professional killstreak one
keeper_m Jun 6 @ 2:38am 
Definitely best, I'm with Mez.
Mezukie Jun 6 @ 12:10am 
Best hat
A Virus Named Toast May 21 @ 9:05am 
Plenty, my dear friend
¡Adep7 | dANKUS MeMUS May 20 @ 6:07pm 
did u have fun