Mr. Mattie
Matheus L. Pasqualote || Mr. Matthews, from:   Jundiai, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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:nekoheart: My cutie, my love. Minha linda gatona


Forever in love, this fun little weird collection of feelings

31/03/2017 ~ Best night of sleep in 20 years.

This cute duck []

Life is made out of moments. And shaped by those who are with you on them.

The annoying sidekick who I always enjoy my time with:
>>> Newwo

The great friend who's always there to help:
>>> Ace

The cute, funny and creative pillow:
>>> Wonders

The strangest gibus-wearing battle cat to ever exist:
>>> Lucas

The awesome tsundere with a great heart and a ribbon:
>>> Rikon 🎀

...And her maple leaf friend:
>>> Kon 🍁

💚 My Beru:
>>> Gween-chan

💙 My bruate:
>>> Rin

A courageous Lucario:
>>> Cody

And the one always ready to snark:
>>> Yanko

- Male;
- I am shy sometimes;
- I can also be annoyingly friendly;
- If I am bothering you, say it;

(I haven't been trading anymore)

If you happen to care, I was born in January 4th, '97
Do the math to know how old I am.

I'll ignore private profiles.
Leaving a message doesn't mean I'll actually add you.

You found my profile, great.
Take it, young adventurer.

Now shoo.
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