Niel, Antwerpen, Belgium
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I'm a horrible conversation starter, if you'd like to talk, you'd probably have to start messaging me first.
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Dark Souls II Executioner's Chariot in a nutshell.
Personal Information.
Welcome to my profile, stranger.
I'm Jadey, your usual gamer.

While I don't have much to give you via my profile, allow me to give you some basic information.

Age: Nineteen.
Gender: Male, obviously.
Favourite genres of games: FPS, TPS, MMO(RPG).
Favourite games in general: Warframe, Vindictus, CS:GO and ARK: Survival Evolved.

I do have a tendency to rage when things aren't going the way I wanted it to, especially after a bad day. Generally though, I'm always sportsmanlike.

I'm a very nice person in general with a huge threshold for drama and the like. I've always found myself solving problems quite easily, especially when it comes to people and their daily problems in life.

Anyhow, I accept any and all friend requests, except when I find your profile a little too bot-like or scammer-like. I don't do CS:GO trades, and this is primarily the reason why I don't bother with those profiles. So no, I'm not interested in supporting your fake gambling website, nor am I interested in getting guaranteed drops out of it with massive profit. If this is your goal, please remove yourself entirely, we do not appreciate the kind who steals from others.

Extra stats;
CS:GO: Currently LEM, but I play like a MG2.
Warframe: MR 19 - ZGuardianZ incase you want to add me.
EaSiLy OfFeNded GeNDer FlUid Sep 29, 2017 @ 2:40pm 
+rep great banter & professional player
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+Rep Great Teammate
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thx) You're a good player
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Friendly and good player
Lots of love