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"Being strong or weak is a part of disadvantage, but it isn't a sign of incompetence"
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Intro by Mist
Introductions ✓
Hi my name is Mist and I am a friendly and a quiet person. An average TF2 comp and casual player. I main scout. I don't usually talk a lot and I also don't randomly accept your friend request unless you put a reason on the comment below or not a mutual to any of my friends. Thanks for understanding and have a great day!

Introduce yourself ˘͈ᵕ˘͈
❥ Name: Mist
❥ Gender: Male
❥ Age: 4x4+1= 17
❥ Pronouns: He/Him
❥ Birthday: May 30
❥ Nationality: Filipino
❥ Relationship: Taken by Charlly❤️
❥ Hobby: playing games, watching anime, and sports
❥ Likes: food, games and sports
❥ Dislikes: toxic/rude people

Here is my trade link if you want to trade stuff or donate: Trade Here!

Here is also my discord if you wanted to add me:

If I'm:
Online = You can chat me anything
Away = Doing something
Invisible = I can't reply to your dms
Offline = I'm totally gone for this one

Favorites ✓
My favorite class:

My Hero Academia
Demon Slayer
Darling in the FRANXX
Fairy Tail

Song # 1
Song # 2
Song # 3
Song # 4
Song # 5
Song # 6
Song # 7

My Album:
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TF2 HL/6s Teams ✓
HL Team: Party Hats (Main Scout - UGC)

6s Team: Party Animals (Main Flank Scout - UGC)
Nasi Lemak Noodle (Main Roamer (Sub Flank Scout - AFC)

My UGC Page []

If you have any questions, feel free to leave your question on the comment below. I will try to respond to your question fast.

TF2 Competitive ✓
UGC ATF2L HL S4 Steel - 3rd Place (Party Hats)
UGC ATF2L HL S5 Steel - 1st Place (Party Hats)

My Epic friends!
Neko Charlly - My girlfriend and always will be who loves cats and fish <3
Aion - Black funny demo and the "kys" meme guy
Russ - The "S" main class and a cool person
Boo/Tobu - Medic main chad and a submissive guy
Duo - Funny n word and a 6s class mains
Vers - Epic scout and Pro SFM artist
Termii - Epic spy main and a female artist who made my pfp
Marcel - Guy who rages at TF2 and a pro gamer

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2,669 hrs on record
last played on Aug 16
96 hrs on record
last played on Aug 16
372 hrs on record
last played on Aug 15
♥Charlly♫ Aug 9 @ 6:35am 
Yay thanks baby!! *nomnom* 😋❤
Serenity ♫ ♥ Aug 9 @ 6:27am 
ofc bb here 🐟 :luv:
♥Charlly♫ Aug 9 @ 4:03am 
Meow meooww~ can chu give me a fish baby? :3 🥰❤
ViniGarr (식초) Aug 1 @ 5:27am 
yea he's a good scout
♥Charlly♫ Aug 1 @ 5:24am 
Ur my #1 best/pro/favorite Scout baby~ 😚🥰:8bitheart:
Hope you'll reach 100k scatter kills baby 🥰:8bitheart:
♥Charlly♫ Jul 31 @ 1:03am 
I love u more than anything baby~ 😚❤