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Good job!

Complete first level

So ez..

Complete second level

Not so ez..

Complete third level

Oh yeah!

Complete fourth level

Don't stop!

Complete fifth level

So much sand.

Complete sixth level

Sand castle...

Complete seventh level

Fish fear!

Complete eighth level

Flies also love sea!

Complete ninth level

Smoke on the ship!

Complete tenth level

Clouds over water...

Complete eleventh level

Dead tree

Complete twelfth level

Wood as eskimo pie...

Complete thirteenth level

Home, sweet home

Complete fourteenth level

Shark dance

Complete fifteenth level

Once in the town

Complete sixteenth level

The case on the roof...

Complete seventeenth level

In the sky!

Complete eighteenth level

Why so hard?

Complete nineteenth level


Complete twentieth level

It smells moldy...

Complete twenty-first level

Crab, you're drunk?

Complete twenty-second level

I believe I can fly

Complete the twenty-third level

It's a nice day.

Complete the twenty-fourth level

Two is better than one...

Complete twenty-fifth level


Complete twenty-sixth level

That's not all..

Complete twenty-seventh level

mmm so big!

Complete twenty-eighth level

Sweet carroacorcactus

Find hidden food on the fifth level

In shadow of the sun..

Find hidden food on the sixth level

Wrong way!

To go in the fake door

The rise of сobra!

Take a dangerous jump

Dinner in the clouds.

The secret is hidden in the clouds

And is that all?

Find a hidden carrot or acorn in the cave

What am I doing here?

Choose the wrong way

Green Crab!

To die from the green crab claws


Back to the past..

Make the impossible!

Find the way out

Go to the left.

Approach the closed door

So big! So sweet!

The final dinner

Green snake!

To die from the green snake bite

OMG! This is big blue shark!

To die from the blue shark bite

Big Brother

Finish the game

Faster than light!

Complete third level for 12 seconds

From A to B!

To move a carrot

Earwig attack!

To die from the earwig bite on level 13.

Hard choice.

Play level one with bunny, two with piggy, three with bunny, four with piggy

One second!

Complete twenty-first level in Hard mode

Back to the roots..

Go half way through a map and walk back to the beginning

I'm back!

Complete first dlc level

Winter forest...

Complete second dlc level

Saw! Saw! Saw!

Complete third dlc level

Jump! Jump! Jump!

Complete fourth dlc level

My cute snowman..

Complete fifth dlc level

Saw! Jump! and saw again...

Complete sixth dlc level

So long!

Complete seventh dlc level

Acute tooth!

To die from saw

Bloody harvest!

Jump between two saws

Snowman S...

To die from snowman S size

Snowman M...

To die from snowman M size

Snowman L...

To die from snowman L size


To die from snowman XL size

Big or small!

To die from pulsating saw

Dangerous gift.

Take the second dangerous jump


Suppose you are lucky today


Go through the maze

Ninja! Jump! Jump!

Escape the saws

Happy Santa!

To let Santa come first

I'm number one!

Be first