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Personal Achievements

Grand Opening

Completed the game

If it isn't nailed down

Collect all bonus loot as Sophia

Greased Lighting

Beat all par times as Sophia

The pupil surpasses the teacher

Ghost Trafalgar Square as Sophia

Enter the Fox

Unlock Harry

Solid Fox

Complete all levels as Harry

The Artful Dodger

Ghost all levels as Harry

More speed less haste

Beat Harry's Par Time at Trafalgar Square

The Pickpocket

Unlock Daisy

Weapons Grade Pickpocket

Complete all levels as Daisy

Weapons Upgrade Pickpocket

Beat all par times as Daisy

You two are amateurs

Ghost Silk Street as Daisy


Collect all pieces of artwork in the home gallery


Escape from an angry guard

Great Escape

Escape from more than one angry guard

Where did she go?

Teleport away from under a guard’s nose

Unleash the hounds

Be followed by three dogs at once

Musak makes the world go round

Spend 1 minute in a lift

She is round here somewhere

Keep a guard suspicious for 1 minute