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Personal Achievements

Cooking up a storm

Manufacture a GTK item.

King David

Destroy a Goliath.


Add an attachment to a weapon.

There are many like it, but this one is mine

Convert a weapon.

Adaptive warfare

Get a kill with every weapon and modification.


Kill 20 KPA using proximity based GTK items.
0 / 20

The bigger they are…

Kill 20 heavies.
0 / 20

Guerrilla Master

Deploy every type of GTK item at least once.

Danger Zone!

Create a character for Resistance Mode.

Mayhem 101

Purchase a skill.

Practical Mayhem

Deploy an active skill in a mission, and have at least one other player use the results.

Professor Mayhem

Purchase 4 different active skills across any number of Resistance Mode characters.

Phased plasma rifle in a 40 watt range

Upgrade a weapon to its maximum level.

Peace of cake

Successfully complete a Resistance Mode mission on easy difficulty.

Peace in our time

Successfully complete a Resistance Mode mission on normal difficulty.

Peace your pants

Successfully complete a Resistance Mode mission on hard difficulty.


Earn a team citation.
0 / 1


Earn 10 mission citations.
0 / 10

Son of Liberty

Earn 20 individual citations.
0 / 20

E Pluribus Unum

Earn 20 team citations.
0 / 20

Everyone fights, no one quits

Revive 10 downed teammates over any number of Resistance Mode missions.
0 / 10

Land of the free

Finish the single player campaign on any difficulty.

Home of the brave

Finish the single player campaign on Deathwish difficulty.


Capture a Strike Point.
0 / 1

This is our town, Nork

Capture all Strike Points.
0 / 69

Dear diary…

Collect 10 Journals.
1 / 10

Oh a piece of candy!

Distract 30 KPA from their guard posts in yellow zone without being detected.
0 / 30

Fyre Starter

Set a KPA on fire by shooting a gas vent.

Robin Hood

Kill a KPA soldier with a crossbow bolt from over 50 meters away.

Striking Back

Capture 30 Strike Points.
0 / 30


Complete 5 Jobs.
0 / 5


Complete all Jobs.
0 / 20

Inside Job

Infiltrate a KPA Stronghold and deactivate the valve without being detected.


Capture all KPA Strongholds.
0 / 11

Riding High

Drive the motorbike 60 meters above sea level.

Can't stop the signal

Activate 20 HAM radios.
0 / 20

It's a trap!

Kill 10 KPA using Resistance traps.
0 / 10

Star of the show

Remain in the searchlight of a KPA Airship for 2 minutes without dying.


Collect 5 journals.
0 / 5

Shadow Hunter

Takedown 5 Bandits without detection.

Do you like to play with FIRE?!

Set 5 Bandits On Fire.
0 / 5

Duck Hunt

Destroy 9 Rubber Ducks.
0 / 9


Collect 6 Journals.
0 / 6

Signal To Noise

Enter the Broadcast Center without detection.

Safe and Sound

Complete the upload sequence and escape the Broadcast Center without using a health kit.

Death by Boom

Kill 2 KPA guards in the compound using explosive canisters.
0 / 2


Donate more than one Molotov to the Resistance in the HUB.
0 / 2


Jump across the stepping stones without hitting the water.

Swamp Fox

Get 4 or more kills whilst in mud.
0 / 4

Swan Song

Destroy the last surviving rubber duck.

Learn Me A Book

Collect 10 Journals.
0 / 10

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