💪 J Mish ✌   Johnstown, Pennsylvania, United States
     :devilshare: Clutch/Rifler for Dragon Caliber
      RTF Fall Damage 2017 LAN - CS:GO 5v5 1st place and MVP
                  RGB 2 2018 Lan - Arms Race 1st Place
                  RGB 2 2018 Lan - CS:GO 5v5 1st Place
                  FITES 2018 Lan - CS:GO 5v5 1st Place
                  RGB 3 2018 Lan - CS-Go 5v5 2nd Place

                             Signed by ZayhanS:>

              :devilshare: Join date: April 18, 2012 ;
              :devilshare: More than 3000 Hours in CS:GO;
              :devilshare: More than 300 Hours in TF2;
              :devilshare: More than 200 Hours in Nether;
              :devilshare: More than 50 steam friends;
              :devilshare: Level 111 on Steam;
              :devilshare: Steam Rep Donator(Tier IV) .

Check my SR profile before talking/trading/adding me.


My portfolio - https://jeremymishler.portfoliobox.net/

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MishMash - King Of Darkness
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                                                            Steam Rep Profile [steamrep.com]

                                                            Steam trade offer


                                                           BUYING SKINS NOW

If you are looking to sell your skins I buy them for paypal for around 55 to 70 % the skins price because I need to resell them for a slight profit for it to benefit myself. Leave a comment if you want to add me to discuss a price (Don't just add me because I have multiple requests all the time and I refuse to add everyone as it takes to much time to figure out why they friended me!)


                                                    Methods used for trading

1. PayPal - Used for quick sells its what I use the most (I do not go first, I don't care)

2. OpSkins - Used for more expensive skins

3. PayPal & Middleman - I frown apon this one but if it makes you comfortable doing a middle man then I will but you have to find the middle man I will not waist my time looking for a legit middle man. Just so you know I will make sure its a legit middle man on steamrep and add the middle man so don't even try.
----> Also for your safety make sure you have a legit middle man and not an impersonator be for you trade your skin or skins, It is not my fault for your incompetence.

If you just want to trade skins for skins send me trade offers via Steam (Link at the top). I will not accept friend requests regarding simple trades skins for skins either I accept your offer or I don't. -------------------> send me offers if you want an item. Good day and Cheers.


DO NOT post links to scam/ phish websights in my comments section of my profile you will be reported to steam and they will be removed.


I record every transaction I make VIA PAYPAL so if you try and scam me you will be reported to steam and steam rep.
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Welcome To The Darkside
04/25/2017 :heartpr: - My best friend and partner. I loved you man so much
05/21/2017 :Nutcracker: - The family ball buster. You are at rest, and with our family on the other side.

                                                     :RedStar: Videos Of Me :RedStar:

                                                     :trade: Fastest Ace Ever!

                                                     :trade: Crazy P2000 Ace!

                                                     :trade: 1v5 Clutch Ace

                                                     :trade: Glock Ace

                                                     :trade: Kinda back to back

                                                     :trade: AWP Reaction

                                                     :RedStar: Links about me :RedStar:

                                                     :trade: MishMash Tv Youtube

                                                     :trade: Twitch [www.twitch.tv]

                                                     :trade: ESEA [play.esea.net]

                                                     :trade: Faceit Stats [faceitstats.com]

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Collection of maps for training I put together for you guys so you dont have to add one by one just sub to all =D I hope you guys enjoy have fun =D
Created by - MishMash
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Beat MDL players in faceit they were so mad lmao!! Boiii
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One time I went to Narnia. I was Squad Leader for the army and spawned in the huey we were flying across the fields mowing down them Charlies but then
we decided to land in the magical rice patty that leads to Narnia as we landed
the huey went under the rice patty bc it leads to Narnia and we saw nothing but grey then the huey spun out of control and crashed killing everyone
that used that gate to go to Narnia. 10 outa 10 would Vietnam to Narnia again
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Hi, I can give my Tiger Tooth M9 bayonet for all of your csgo graffitties (Im collecting them) so if it's ok send me trade offer please. Trade link in my profile bio
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Hey bro, join csmoney and take part at promo action there! Take your 50$ or more on balance(the amount depends on hours in csgo) to our users with promocode! Promo limited , do not miss your chance to take free skins! Link to csmoney at my profile
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