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Hey, guys! I'm Frostbite. I also go by Frosty, Frost, Squiddul, and a couple other weird names people have given me. If it's not completely obvious from my profile, I do like squirrels quite a bit. They're pretty neat animals. I'm 21 and am from central Minnesota. I like it here and I like the weather.

I like playing a lot of different games, and I switch out my library fairly often so I always have something fresh to play. I can and will play pretty much anything with you as long as I have it and can play it.

If you ever want to reach me outside of Steam, shoot me a message on almost any messaging system at MiniM_BP. I'm also pretty open on G+. Ask me for that one if you want me to circle you for Hangouts or just regular Google+ usage. I'm on the site a lot, so it's one of the best places to reach me. If we're really close buddies or you think we might be, you can always ask about my Facebook or mobile number! Don't worry about being weird. I like having more friends! The more the merrier!

I like pretty much everything, Well, there are very few things that I do not like. I'll eat pretty much anything, watch any show or movie, listen to most kinds of music, and talk with any person. I'm pansexual and infp and I love all peoples.

I'm always here to talk to about anything. If you need someone to ask advice or a friend to talk with or even just somewhere to vent, don't hesitate to send me a message. I don't want anyone to ever feel alone. I'm here for you. Whatever you tell me will be kept secret. I'm not someone who will share secrets. I've felt that kind of betrayal and I'd never wish it on anyone else. I can handle anything and will be here steady for you. I like to see my friends happy, and I really like to help my friends be happy. I love all my friends.


UHH H CHAracter information

Frostbite's an Abert's Squirrel. She's also quite a shorty. What she lacks in stature, however, she gains in tail. She's got an unusually large one and it's plenty fluffy. Imagine almost Fifi le Fume levels of tail. That's what I'm talkin about. Big enough to give you a hug without raising her arms. Besides the large tail, the light blue markings (from which she gets her name) on the back of the tail, and the darkened tips of her fuzzy ears, Frosty looks much like any other squirrel.

Personalitywise, Frosty is a caring and affectionate squirrel. When her friends are upset, she'll always be around to listen to their issues and offer support in whatever way she can. She is happiest when her friends are happy.


That's pretty much it. If there's anything else you'd like to know, leave me a comment or send me a message. I'm pretty active so I should reply quickly! The games on my wishlist are there for keeping up with sales. Don't worry about them.

Have a great day, everyone! The world is full of new experiences and they're all wonderful!

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I like squirrels. They're pretty good. This game, however, is not.

Squirreltopia is supposed to be hard. That's told pretty well by it's description as a "Hardcore 2D Platformer." The game looks fun and it is not easy to play well but it lacks any real difficulty that doesn't revolve on the terrible controls.
Let's compare it to Meat Boy since that's the best game I can draw connections to. Meat Boy has slippery surfaces and pretty slow mid-air jump controls. Squirreltopia also has those same floaty controls but what it lacks is game design and logic that works around those controls.
Meat Boy slides around because he's wet meat. That doesn't make much sense for a squirrel but it's excusable if the map design makes sense for the controls, which this game does not.
There are points where you need to land on a very small area that should be pretty easy for a character like Mario or Sonic to fall into or land on that these squirrels do not. One of the first levels has a point like this where you try to land on a spring in the middle of a bottomless pit. I took plenty of tries on this but it was so ridiculous that I decided it wasn't worth dealing with it and moved on to other levels. Sadly, this isn't the only point where you have this problem. I switched levels and the same thing was present but twice in a row with no break in between. You can't build your game and then add mechanics. You need to build a game around your mechanics, and this just felt like terrible planning.
Oh yeah. Before we move on, I need to mention how you leave a level. You ready? Esc. You just press escape once and it instantly leaves for the level hub, setting aside whatever progress you made with the frustratingly poor jumps. Press it again and you go to the main menu, and a third time moves the cursor over EXIT. The only time it actually waits for you to do an input is before you leave the game because someone thought that this game had any reason not to quit.

Let's lighten it up. What's good about the game?
The design is pretty neat. Pixel art is overused in today's indie game world but it doesn't look too bad. It follows the common design of a lot of current platforming games with blocky art. Along with the design, you respawn with different colors and eyes for every time you die, leading to some cool looking characters.
The music is pretty fun. Kind of repetitive but it's easy to ignore.
The minigames that are accessible from the main menu are fun and give a bit of high score fun. I liked them.

The game is cheap but not cheap enough to be this bad. I would not recommend buying this game, no matter how much you really love squirrels.
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Work hard and move on. Nobody has to give you attention. Make your own friends and just deal with it if someone decides they don't like you.
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I've told you to move on and grow up. Please take this advice and look at your actions to see why people don't really like you.
You stalk people and their friends, you use rude language to refer to people, you're manipulative, and you're not even a friendly friend. I don't want to be your friend, and I don't want you to keep bothering my friends. Please leave me alone.
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Can you leave me and my friends alone, please? We want nothing to do with you. You're annoying, rude, and frankly a terrible person to be around. Please stop adding people and asking them to get you unblocked.
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ok giv ur steem passssword and i wil giv u hat
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Will sub for hatz!!!!