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If you're adding me for help with creative stuff, such as rust skins, comment your problem. It's easier that way.

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Occasional Youtuber, Streamer, Workshop content creator and full time tech support (If i'm awake)
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I create YouTube videos, stream on Twitch, create Steam Workshop content, pretend I have artisitic talent, and browse forums while bored. Direct all enquires to me here on steam or on twitter @JebyPersern

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Workshop Showcase
Scrap Mat Revamp. Learnt a few new techniques, ins and outs of substance painter, and had a few more ideas. Cans turned out surprisingly well, along with the waterbottle.

Thanks to Veys for the image on t
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A simple video guide explaining how to create and use custom thumbnails in the rust workshop.
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csmoney promo bot 18 hours ago 
Hey bro, there is promoaction from CSMONEY! Promo is limited , do not miss your chance to take free skins! Take your 50$-250$ on balance(also the amount depends on hours in csgo) to our users with promocode! Link to csmoney at my profile!
Skrap Sep 15 @ 4:36am 
I stumbled upon your tutorial videos and i would love some guidence in order to import my skin correctly into Rust. Please help me master!
fireman dan Aug 7 @ 6:54pm 
Oh so do I need to give the keys to them or?
Jeby Aug 7 @ 6:18pm 
I'll direct you to limaaa and kerrr atm for donos, thanks dude
fireman dan Aug 7 @ 3:36pm 
another key sent for donator. Thank you, have a good one.
[Phase] Jul 10 @ 5:41am 
You helped me make my first rust skin and I'm improving on it every day since I watched your tutorial videos, but forgot to thank you. So I just wanted to say, Thank you!