マルセル   Omura, Nagasaki, Japan
“People’s lives don’t end when they die, it ends when they lose faith.”

╠╥❃⋨ Currently Watching⋩❃╥╣

❃One Piece
❃takt op.Destiny
❃Platinums End
❃World’s Finest Assassin
❃The Faraway Paladin
❃World End Harem

╠╥❃⋨ My Anime List ⋩❃╥╣

❃Akame Ga Kill
❃Ancient Magus Bride
❃Assassinations Classroom
❃Angel Beats
❃Assassins Pride
❃Attack on Titan
❃Angel of Death
❃A Chivalry of a failed Knight
❃Blue Exorcist
❃Black Clover
❃Bunny Girl Senpai
❃Boarding School Juliet
❃Case Study of Vanitas
❃Combatants will be dispatched
❃Classroom of the Elite
❃Devils Line
❃Death Note
❃Daily Life Immortal King
❃Detective is already Dead
❃Darling in the Franxx
❃Dr Stone
❃Dont toy with me Miss Nagatoro
❃Domestic Girlfriend
❃Food Wars
❃Fruit of Grisai
❃Fire Force
❃Full Dive
❃Goblin Slayer
❃Golden Time
❃God of Highschool
❃Highschool DxD
❃High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World
❃Highschool of the Dead
❃How Not to Summon a Demon Lord
❃In Another World with my Smartphone
❃Hidden Dungeon only I can enter
❃Hybrid x Heart
❃Higurashi When They Cry
❃Im Standing on a million lives
❃Jujutsu Kaisen
❃Kaito Kid
❃Legend of legendary Heroes
❃Love is War
❃Mirai Nikki
❃My Girlfriend is a Gal
❃Monster Musume
❃Mahou Sensou
❃Misfit of the Demon King Academy
❃Masamune-kuns Revenge
❃Melkyuu Black Company
❃My little Monster
❃Naruto Classic
❃Naruto Shippuden
❃One Punch Man
❃Peach Boy Riverside
❃Quintessential Quintuplets
❃Rosario + Vampire
❃Rent A Girlfriend
❃Rogue Hero
❃Redo of Healer
❃Rising of the Shield Hero
❃Sword Art Online
❃Sacred Blacksmith
❃Seven Deadly Sins
❃SSSS Gridman
❃SSSS Dynazenon
❃Silver Guardian
❃Slime Diaries
❃Trinity Seven
❃Terror in Tokyo
❃To your Eternity
❃Tokyo Ghoul
❃Tokyo Ghoul :re
❃Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy
❃Tokyo Revengers
❃Tower of God
❃Testemant of Sister New Devil
❃Vinland Saga
❃Wise Mans Grandchild
❃World Trigger
❃Weathering with You
❃Your Name
❃Yu-Gi-Oh 5DS
❃Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal
❃Yu-Gi-Oh Arc 5

╠╥❃⋨ Watch List ⋩❃╥╣

❃Dumbbell nan kiro moteru
❃Date a Live
❃My Teen Romantic Snafu
❃Fate Series
❃Tatoeba Last Dungeon
❃To Love Ru
❃Azur Lane
❃Violet Evergarden
❃UQ Holder
❃Dogeza de Tanondemita
❃My cultivator Girlfriend
❃Demon Slayer
❃Yozakura Quartet
❃Medaka Box
❃Kakushi Dere
❃World End
❃Musaigen No Phantom
❃Code Geass
❃Blood Blockade Battlefront
❃Amagi Brilliant Park
❃Kobayashis Dragon Maid
❃Spirit Chronicles
❃Black Butler
❃Death Parade
❃Chichi-iro Toiki.
❃Devil is a Part-Timer
❃Seraph of the End
❃Ga-Rei: Zero
❃Darwins Game

╠╥❃⋨ Upcoming Anime ⋩❃╥╣

❃Skeleton Knight in Another World
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