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Welcome to my profile page!
Beware of the Miku Bacteria!!! Y_[(>.<)]_Y

Too late for me... >.<

If you need anything, just ask...

Regards, MikuCore
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1. You dont look at Mikus pantsu. They are holy and shall never be shown or viewed.
2. You shall never create or look at any lewd images or videos of Miku.
3. You shall always have a leek ready, in case of Miku visiting you.
4. You shall always listen to Miku daily.
5. Mikus music is always good!
6. You are free to listen to other music than Mikus as long as you follow rule 4!
7. You are free to worhsip any other deities, for example: Rin, Len, Luka, ... (Whoever you want)
8. Miku doesnt die, she recharges.

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U no touch power button!!!!111!111!!!!
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Vacation Miku Jul 20 @ 6:44am 
very cute <3
Magical Mirai 2018!!!! Jul 20 @ 5:07am 
    /^>》, -―‐‐<^}
   ./:::::::::i{l|:::::/ ノ/ }::::::}
   /:::::::::::瓜イ> ´< ,':::::ノ
  ./:::::::::::::|ノヘ.{、 ( フ_ノノイ
  |:::::::::::::::| /}`ス/ ̄ ̄ ̄ /
Megurine Luka May 18 @ 10:59am 
Ultra cute miku :Loh_heart:
EL PSY CONGROO May 16 @ 6:50am 
Vacation Miku May 16 @ 6:44am 
Yes you did :cgpout:
EL PSY CONGROO May 16 @ 2:26am 
oshit did I violate the rule no.2:steamfacepalm: