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The best ways to contact me about anything regarding my bots is the Discord [], but you can also use the group chat or submit a support ticket []. I may be slow in responding to adds.
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Important! There are impersonators around!
As it would appear that I am attracting impersonators, here's a few things to keep in mind to know that it is actually me you're talking to.
- Level 70
- 500+ Games badge
- *Admin of this group
- *Owns Tesla Coil Professor's Peculiarity (1 of 1 and will most likely stay that way until at least Scream Fortress XI)
- *Owns Bonzo Hive Minder (1 of 2, the other never left unboxer's inventory)
- I do NOT offer any type of unsecure trades, I do not broker, I do not offer paypal or steam wallet codes, I will not offer to give you items 'later'. If you are trading with me, I'm either going to offer you a straight trade or go through Nothing else.
It is especially important to ensure it is actually me you're talking to if I add you after you leave a comment on my profile.

*Not something an impersonator can copy, so pay attention to these
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If you have a question, had a problem with a bot, or just want to hang out. Consider visiting my discord server [].

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Zoidberg [⇄] : Non-Strange Cosmetics under a key
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Hermes [⇄] : Taunts , Tools and Paints
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Leela [⇄] :Weapons
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Farnsworth [⇄] : Everything else not on another bot
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Added about bot
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Are you allowing negotiation on that Classified Coif with Headless Horseshoes
Freedom 10 hours ago 
offer sent
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Based on 1 interaction (so take for what it's worth), bot is quick, efficient, and unbugged. Instructions are clear to follow, prices are fair.
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Clear bot friendlist plox