Mikael Valtanen
Welcome to my profile!

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Some info
I have Gmod server named

In game: I always reply soon as i can
Online: I am there
Busy: Netflix and chill, or something else
Offline: I have shut my computer, sleeping, school

Something about me :iambread:

I am kind person who likes help others and i am trustworthy,
Hardcore gamer i don`t mean i shout on my teammates,
i like challenges [challenge accepted] i don`t surrender
easily i try over and over again and i am a furry wolf,
when i was a kid i listened those bands Turmion kätilöt
,Ruoska, System Of Down, Disturbed, Ramstein
that`s all for that and see you around :wink_kr:

Every picture tells a story. Sometimes we don`t like the ending. Sometimes we don´t understand it.

Favorite servers

Music genre what i like to listen is

-Industrial metal, metal category :damien:

What i like:crystal:

- color red
-Powerfull guns/big guns
-Playing computer games
-Nice peoples
-Horror games/Films
-Taking pictures with my Nikon D300

This song brings me good memories :) when i am lost:Sadclot:
Favorite Group
Hey *beep* Mah Favorites Friends *boop*
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