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I love TF2, I like memes, I play games, and I strongly dislike the botters and ddosers currently ruining TF2. Also, whoever thought that adding a long-range instakill class to a game of short/mid-range classes with no adequate long-range counterplay clearly has an IQ equivalent to freezing temperature (in Degrees Celsius, of course) and should never have been let anywhere near a game development studio.
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lispy Oct 28 @ 4:52am 
The monkeys never die, Mason Smith... We are on our way, just you wait...
Bristle ✨ Oct 24 @ 8:54pm 
+rep add me please i want to play with you right now pal
El Doktor Aug 7 @ 6:07pm 
Remove Sniper from TF2
lol Jul 24 @ 5:20pm 
Zero Deaths Jan 22 @ 1:19am 

Friendly Guy !!! ❤️
We can be friends for future games ^_^

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El Doktor Dec 15, 2021 @ 5:56am 
I really hope somebody gets fired for letting the bot crisis get so bad that bots could no longer be votekicked