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:ss3dHeart2: Sometimes there is no next time, :ss3dHeart2:
:ss3dHeart2: no second chance, no time out. - :ss3dHeart2:
:ss3dHeart2: Sometimes it is now or never. --- :ss3dHeart2:
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:ss3dHeart2: About Me :ss3dHeart2:
My real name is Tara, but only those close to me and dear to me or that have known me a long time calls me this. My original nickname is PiecesOfMieces. It came from an old cartoon called Pixie & Dixie. They are mice and there's a cat named Jinx. Jinx would always say "I love those mieces to pieces!" so to make it more of a gamer name I turned it around. I shortened my name like 5 years ago I think to accommodate wearing one of my clan tags in the KF servers because I didn't like how it cutoff the last part of my name. I've been called a lot of variations of shortened nicknames of my original nickname, but I have always preferred to be called Mieces.

I am a self-taught Website Designer & Host, Linux Server Admin and Game Server Host. I sometimes do work for others like setup websites, game servers and create/edit images for websites including logos. My experience in game servers so far includes: Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Counter-Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, Killing Floor 1 and Killing Floor 2. I have ran clans or gaming communities in the past for all of these games. I'm currently setting up another gaming community which I hope to have setup by late Spring or early Summer of 2021.

My all-time favorite color is Royal Purple, but I like any shade of purple really. I also get into other colors from time to time depending on what they are on or for. Like right now I'm into red, black, white, green, gray, yellow, orange and blue.... which is why I use them in my business logo and will be on my new website once it's done. :winter2019happybulb:

I will always love Killing Floor 1 & 2 and Minecraft so I will always go back to them from time to time... especially Killing Floor 1. Grand Theft Auto V is a newer favorite, which I don't mind going back to every now and then. My current favorite is The Crew 2 and is yet another new favorite which I know I'll keep coming back to. I will always place my most recent favorite game in the Favorite Game section below. So if you want to know what I'm currently into playing then check that section. :winter2019coolyul:

If you want to keep up with current things going on with me or my servers, projects. etc, etc... then join my Steam Group listed as my Favorite Group above and/or join my Discord server. If you want to join my Discord server or add me as a friend or gaming buddy check out the Contact Infos listed below! :Horzine:
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Facebook: PiecesOfMieces [www.facebook.com]


Discord: Mieces#4490 and MysticDrakon#5029
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/4aMKh5Z (Never Expires)

Spotify: My Spotify Profile [open.spotify.com] (Opens in Spotify)

Duolingo: My Duolingo Profile [www.duolingo.com]

Rockstar Social Club:
Riozzu [socialclub.rockstargames.com] (Steam)
MysticDrakon [socialclub.rockstargames.com] (Epic Games)

Epic Games: PiecesOfMieces
Ubisoft Connect: PiecesOfMieces (Currently only used for The Crew and The Crew 2.)
Origin: PiecesOfMieces (I rarely use this.)
GOG: PiecesOfMieces (I rarely use this also.)

My Other Steam Accounts:
Black Unicorn

PayPal Donations can be made here [www.mieces.com] or use PayPal Me [www.paypal.me]
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Grand Theft Auto V

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