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Fairbanks, Alaska, United States
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Degree-Gaming Admin
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Add me on discord for any issues. Midnight#0003

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Don't add me without telling me why in the comments! I will not accept your request unless I know why your adding me! Or i know your personally.

Now that that's outta the way.

Welcome to my profile!

Im a Degree Gaming Admin and I play tf2 way to much.
Im also a furry and a brony. (Mock me in the comments, i really dont care.)
Im on DG servers 99% of the time im on tf2. So you'll probably run into me at some point.
If you need any help with things in the server you can add me, otherwise you can do 2 things.
1. Make a thread in the report a rulebreaker section of our forums with evidence and a link to the offenders profile.
Report a Rulebreaker [forums.degree-gaming.com]

2. Join our discord and just simply ask for help in #admin-help-desk. An admin will respond as soon as they can to help you.
The Discord Server [discord.gg]

Also be sure to check out our website for more info on rules, servers, ect.
Degree-Gaming [degree-gaming.com]

My Friends

I would put a list of my favorite friends here. But everyone does that. So I wont.
But, i will put these people here.

My Twin Brother.
He wont stop changing his damn name

My Sister.
She's a Thot

They're better than all of you. No offense.

More Info

I do play competitive from time to time. I dont have a main in tf2, I generally play everything, it really depends on what i feel like playing. However i do play competitive demo. But thats about it.

If you want my true amount of hours in TF2, just add 1,342 to my current amount and thats how many i got.
Currently its over 5k+
(Will update it every 1k hours)

My Dream Sets
(They change...... a lot)

All Class:
Unusual Hong Kong Cone - Muskelmannbraun (Sunbeams/Vivid Plasma)
Unusual Dead Beats - Muskelmannbraun (Sunbeams/Vivid Plasma)
Strange Bruisers Bandana - Muskelmannbraun
Strange Dead of Night - Muskelmannbraun
Australium Weapons - Mandarin - Any effect
Unusual Bone Dome (Sunbeams) - Muskelmannbraun
Strange Pyro the Flamedeer - Muskelmannbraun
Australium Flame Thrower - Manderin - Spec Killstreak
Australium Axtinguisher - Manderin - Spec Killstreak
Strange Flare Gun - Manderin - Spec Killstreak
Unusual Blighted Beak - Muskelmannbraun - (Sunbeams/Vivid Plasma)
Unusual Cold Killer - Muskelmannbraun - (Sunbeams/Vivid Plasma)
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Degree-Gaming.com - Public Group
Degree-Gaming: Recruiting ● Trading ● Dominating
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4,198 hrs on record
last played on Nov 14
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last played on Nov 5
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Zero Nov 7 @ 3:50pm 
Sent add for canteen
Protector of Rose Nov 2 @ 5:05pm 
Punching a cactus of cores lmao
Protector of Rose Nov 2 @ 5:05pm 
Midnight - If you had to choose between swallowing a teacup or punching a cactus. Which would you choose?
Protector of Rose Nov 2 @ 2:15pm 
¬°A| Midnight Their was a tela thats why i got in there fast
Snaztrap Oct 30 @ 12:29pm 
Just wanted to say gg, you're pretty fun to play with!
Heavy✘Sam Oct 28 @ 10:42am 
Hey don’t make fun of my “can’t keep a namerosis” ;w;