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Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord Review
Improved Interface and Pleasing Visuals
A standalone expansion pack was released for 2008’s Mount & Blade video game, taking place approximately 210 years before its predecessor. The setting is heavily inspired by the Migration Period and offering a perfect blend of ARPG (Action Role-playing) and Strategy game elements. The premise of the game is the same gameplay offered by previous titles in the series, in which the player establishes a party of legendary soldiers and attempt to complete challenging quests on a campaign map.

Significant Changes
Like previous titles, battles are played on battlefields that enable you to engage in epic combat alongside your trained troops. However, the game made significant changes to gameplay’s elements. In this title, you find Sieges more strategic as compared to Warband, and the player may build a series of siege engines and can deploy them strategically before the battle starts to target specific sections of the opposing team’s fortifications.
Real-life Graphics and High-level Strategic Perspective
After spending lots of hours with Mount & Blade II: Bannderlord, I could say that it is offering much prettier gameplay than its predecessor, titled Mount and Blade: Warband. This time, you will discover gorgeous maps, enabling you to scroll from overhead to a high-level strategic perspective. All introduced aspects like lightening effects, terrain, textures, etc. are all excellent and the detailed graphics really make me feel I’m in a real-world environment.

Say Bye to Janky Interface
An improved interface awaits you; in short, the game is visually pleasing and well-organized as it is easy to work with. Lots of things are there that don’t have any tooltips which, in my opinion, were better explained, and when you start playing the game, for sure, you will find out some significant amount of lag upon attempting to switch between menus. Despite having such lags, I appreciate the step the developer took from the janky interface of Warband that makes me feel like a fresh breath in the air.

Set before the event of Mount & Blade: Warband
Moreover, the game chooses the fictional continent of Calradia for its setting and takes place approximately 210 years before the event of its predecessor. The plot starts with the decline of the Calradic Empire and the formation of the factions found in Warband. The crisis of the Calradic Empire is familiar to you as it happened with the Roman Empire during the Migration Period and the formation of North African, European, as well as Middle Eastern of Middle Ages. The introduced stuff like clothes, armor, weapons, and structure of each faction is heavily inspired by real-world counterparts from 600 to 1100 AD.

Playable Factions and Single-player Sandbox Campaign
Up to eight playable factions are there, and each one is beautifully composed to compete against minor factions with specific goals. The introduction of the Single-player campaign lets you play the game the way you love and allows you to decide your path to rule over the world in a dynamic sandbox adventure like never before. In the Single-player campaign, the content is randomly generated; it means no two walkthroughs will be the same.

The Verdict
Despite having annoying bugs, there are lots of new exciting things to discover. Since the release, developers are trying their best to fix copious crashes and broken systems to offer you a smooth experience. Upon excluding a few lacks, the overall experience was fantastic, and you should also try it out at once to make yourself addict to it.

Rate: 9/10
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