If you have any questions apout me plz put them in the comments and ill post them here lol thx


Friend Policy

Ban list for server


-Name MetroHam

-Favorites NONE

-I LOVE Mlp and drawing so you might see a lot of Mlp stuff here and I do have some drawings that are good I think

-age 15 for now

Games I play

- team fortress 2 Community Download

- Portal 2

- space engineers

- prison architect

- Source Film Maker

- ARMA 3

- War Thunder

- and some tools

- I will add more later lol

60s 70s 90s and 80s stuff

- I like George beson and some old tv shows like good times/ all in the family/ there's company/etc

- I use old stuff like computers and tvs anything that is old

- please tell me ur life exsperience in the comments below lol

old tv shows
(Please tell me what shows you watched or know of, I would love to talk to you about them if u want to that is)

- All in The Family

- Wonder Woman

- Dennis The Menace

- Threes Company

- Sanford & Son

- Good Times

- The Jeffersons

- One Day At a Time

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GAbc5uQXJo

- Flipper

-I love Lucy


-the golden girls


-I dream of Jeannie

-the Jeffersons

-rin tin tin

-mr rodgers neighborhood

-the bearistin Bears

-The partlige family


-Michels navy


-the ropers

-the show that comes after threes a company


-a cop show that I can't remember the name

-to close for comfort


-three stooges

-Alfred Hitchcock

-mr belveder

-mork and mindy

-leave it to beaver

-the A team

-green acres

-belcher md( I think )

That's all the one I can rember if one pops up I'll put it down lol but plz tell me thx


- song of the week NYC

-Quote of The week-
Courage is waht it takes to stand up and speak, Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen -sir winston churchill


| -pony_man or pony_boy

| -obvious

| -13colonies

| -911

| - Name: Doctor deerps
| - Look up: Doctor derps#7500

| (just ask me)

Servers and / or Admins

Servers- or

Cave Johnson
If you want to be an admin message me at skype and I'll send you the stuff

Discord [discord.gg]

Did you know

did you know that we had a group/please join us
- Brony Frontier

- more stuff will be added later:steamsad:
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Hello and welcome                                                                ⎯ ❐ ⤬
:balloonicorn::bloodgear::icegear::bloodgear::icegear::bloodgear::icegear::bloodgear::icegear::bloodgear::icegear::bloodgear::icegear::bloodgear::icegear: welcome :bloodgear::icegear::bloodgear::icegear::bloodgear::icegear::bloodgear::icegear::bloodgear::icegear::bloodgear::icegear::bloodgear::balloonicorn:

                                                           Rules on Adding me
Before adding me please read the rules which is in my Description. Also, leave a comment down below before adding me so I know why, or click here fot the policy


Hey, I'm just a gamer who really loves every friend on my friends list. I normally play tf2 or gmod, and on tf2 i ether play casual with my friend goom or zombie mod with my friend theorangegibus . I also enjoy doing sfm for my friends such as Tinker and elsa getlow . Almost every artwork or picture you find here is made by me, except my new profile picture which was made by my good friend Digital . Yperd is a special friend of mine and he looks out for me, he's a great person to talk with and if you give him a chance, you would see how amazing he is.

Derpy is another friend of mine, a loyal good friend. I could even call him my own son if he was heh, and i wont forget my all time best freind Tuddles , she is wonderful and very nice. She helps me alot and we worked together on tf2 and with mapping. I'm still in school in the 10th grade having some issues with new teachers and grade wise but Tinker does help me a bit and a friend who's in the same classes as me.

You also might be wondering how does all this do with me well you see, every friend i have means the world to me and it would be a shamed if i should see them leave, and it hurts really bad to see that. Evertime a friend leaves me it hurts and illl put a list down of all them who did but theres 1 friend that help me get over my small deprshion and his name is Hug life Flutters . Hes been here all my life on steam and help me get over most of the issues i have with the lost of friends. Thanks for being there. Flutters is an also spechial friend even tho she is shy, shes a wonderful person to talk with and hang after school even tho we dont live close to each other. Even tho i dont have many friends, i have all of you to thank for. Ari is a great friend to and i wouldnt be here with out her loving attitude abd being here for me when otheres were away, she even likes my hair for some reason but she is wonderful. We play gmod together as well. on gmod tho i do play alot of prop hunt and Dark rp so you could catch me there if you wish. i do wanna apoligize ahead if time if i say heh or lol alot, its just a thing i do and if it gets anoying just tell me. btw i almost forgot, Rudolf is a pyro main in tf2 and he helps me exil as well play with me alot, we even do gmod together and hes also a very early friend of mine. Lets see oh yah im 5.9 in hieght, my ethnicity is from peurto rico so im full american heh. I do know how to spell its just big fingers mess up alot of my typing but im not fat heh i do way 110lb so yah. I mostly enjoy old somgs like i said above and i am a sucker for piano heh. I do sing our school chorus and i am the chaplin of our class. im motivated to try to get to lvl 30 or more. I do like to watch uncle dane, plus copy him just for the fun of it. The gifs i also made myself and made some for a couple of my friends. um idk what else to say heh, oh yah my parents are divorce so i might be a little grumpy just dont take it that i hate you, its just when i go to my fathers i just get in a lesser mood. Thers more info down there and comment on my profile, it helps me know your intrested n what i have to say. If you made it this far with out leaving good for ill shall give you a hug * hugs * and thanks for visiting. PS Its a jungle out there, heh:balloonicorn:

likes- old things, ponies, the color green, tf2 , gmod, portal 2 & consol games such as xbox 360 and wii, love hugs and cuddles and the spechial ones gets kisses from me

dislikes- cursing, newer music , people who defriend me for no reasion or silient removes, & mcdonalds

Best line from 2016

More cheese = More holes
More holes = less cheese
More cheese = less cheese? <from: Fresh n Fruity

sfm art

yes i do make some sfm art and if you ask nicley ill make you some just contact me here or on my email Gamerkid4884@gmail.com

prices- it really depends on you but trading cards would surly help me out

btw i will be making a donation padge for my work so feel free to help out once its open

longest freind award

these awards go to the friends who never remeoved me and stayed the longes in my friends list so i congradulte you, hear are the 5 names

1) Goom 2) Hobo Joe 3)Sprinkles the cat 4) sǝɯɐƃʎǝuoɯƃ 5) Windows XP

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Hello,we can't finish your map, we suck, we need help ya big boy
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omae wa mou shindeiru
Valtiel's best girl Jun 28 @ 7:29am 
You are gonna have to friend me, steam is being a twatcandle ♥♥♥♥♥♥-jew.
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