VAC Assistant
"I see how it is. I'm testing my luck!"
*Opens random present - TOTAL BUMMER*
-SEHCTURC, 7/28/2019


Mercy for hire in Overwatch. Want proof that I am a good Mercy?

Proud and humbled former Grimfortress admin. Want a TF2 server with dilligent admins and chill community regulars?

Grimfortress. "Grimfortress: Great Teams, Better Memes. "

"If you see a man in a carrot suit, let me know."

Texas is best state. Be mad, stay mad.

"Do you have any more of Captain Stallions Magic Butt-Cheese Paste?"

"Imagine dying to naked" -Replayz GFX, 3/3/2020
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Can u help mi with Vac in cs 1.6?
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you posting emoticon art in my comment section would be most helpful to

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