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Retired and not looking to get on a high level anymore... so yes I suck.
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== Who am I ? ==

I am a former top instagib player in the Unreal series. I started playing Unreal in 2000 at the age of 16 moving quickly to the top of the world ranks. By the age of 20 I played at the highest possible level being selected for Team Belgium national instagib squad. Besides being a player I have also been the captain of the Belgian squad for many years and the general manager of Team Belgium ( all games combined ) in Clanbase. I was also part of the Anticheat team that kept the Unreal series clean as a whistle.

== Achievements ==

- World Champion 3x3 UT99 Bunnytrack with Team Belgium.
- Runner up iCTF UT99 World Championship 5x5.
- Runner up iTDM UT99 World Championship 4x4.
- 3th place iDOM UT99 World Championship 4x4.
- 4th place iCTF UT2004 World Championship 5x5
- Runner up Eurocup UT99 iCTF for clans 5x5.
- Winner OpenCup UT99 iCTF for clans 5x5.
- Winner Opencup UT99 iTDM for clans 4x4.
- 4th place Opencup UT2004 Team Arena Master for clans 4x4.
- Winner Opencup UT99 iDOM for clans 4x4.

== Personal achievements ==

- Played the most nations cups games for any mod/mutator in the unreal series. (29 Nations cups played).
- Undefeated champion (40+ games won - 0 lost) on Wootabulous alongside Christoffer " Luxxiz " Losell. ( Fnatic player for UT2004 ).
- Used to have 250 Bunnytrack World Records.
- First player to achieve a Godlike during a Nations cup 5x5 iCTF.

Currently I am enjoying my retirement by playing games such as CS:GO (Supreme,old scoreboard), League of Legends (Gold), H1Z1 and of course, not everything is about gaming and I sometimes tend to spend time with my family aswell.
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