Joyce   Tilburg, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

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I'm a female gamer :) If you don't believe me get your ass on Discord []!

I'm a game collector, and trading card collector.
I use Steam Trade Matcher to find people to trade with!
If you trade with me often, or need a friend, just send a friend request <3
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Trading for cards
When trading with me

ANY fair offers are always accepted. This however EXCLUDES cards I'm saving myself to get a new badge.
GENEROUS (more in it for me) are always accepted.
I will ALWAYS leave you a comment on your profile, unless this is not possible.
Trading for the same worth can also include backgrounds, emoticons and stuff like that.
When trading coupons, anything is accepted - just NO EMPTY TRADES.
Because well, you know, a trade comes from both sides. And yes I got those coupons for free, I know. But I still had to make a badge for that and you don't know if that was all free for me

Trading cards for cards

Same set: 1:1
Cross set: Match worth
Gems: 5 for each €0,01 worth of a card (looking at what I'd get for it, not sell value)
Full list of available and wanted cards

Feel free to send me a trade!

Trading cards for games

Full list of games to trade []

I also have several gifts and coupons in my inventory up for trade.
Send me a trade offer with what you think is good for them and they're all yours.
Offers that match the worth of the game in cards (looking at € value) will ALWAYS be accepted. Just to be fair, I'm looking at the lowest value the game ever was so you won't overpay

Trading games for games

This of course is also a possiblity, and I'd gladly take my time for this with you.
Of course you may add me to discuss the trade, or you can send me a trade offer here, or on barter []

Achievement junkie

I also love to play games just for their achievements.
Click here [] to see a list of my completed games (will gets updated automatically).

Are you into tips and tricks to complete games too?
Join us on
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