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smellywilie™ Aug 11 @ 6:32pm 
Nice shark pfp
Metal Shark Prayer Jul 17 @ 5:02pm 
well, if it was because you were busy then it's ok, i've been trying to keep my friend list "short and meaningful" recently, since we didn't talk that much i deleted you, but your comment says enough about it, so yeah don't worry, just addin' ya again
Mechadexic Jul 17 @ 4:49pm 
hey, you unfriended me didnt you? i can understand why, im very busy all the time, so i havent been able to really talk to you, ive been meaning to ask you about this but i havent had the time and after a while i forgot. Then, when i was playing on one of Potato's mvm servers i remember that day, me, you, and ping, all had a great time playing that TT mission. anyways, if you dont want me on your friends list thats fine, i just wanted to tell you i didnt forget about you
Metal Shark Prayer May 12 @ 8:55am 
G o o d t o
♥ Blue ☆ May 12 @ 8:20am 
me gusta tu gran idea que acabas de publicar en el grupode mvm perú, apoyo con la causa, yo tambien he testeado una que otras mapas en el grupo de potato's servers.