Jacob Merzington
"nobody ever gives a fuck till youre dead."

RIP X 2018


Arashi's Last Testament:
<Always gets blamed
<Always gets shit on
<Always gets punished for things he never did
<Always gets punished for things he can't help
<Always left alone
<Always left to fend for himself
<Always going to get revenge

Arashi's Account (add him and tell him Merz loves him pls):

I'm not sure
I don't know if it's because my heart hurts or because I'm insecure
Baby, you're not her
My last girl had me so fucked up it was a blacked out blur
Baby, you jump first
It's a long way to hell, I ain't really tryna leave this Earth
Baby, do your worst
I've come to the conclusion you can't kill me if I kill you first

I've been through the ringer
Tryna put a diamond ring on her finger
She love drama, she be watching Jerry Springer
Next thing you know, we all on Jerry Springer
I play love games, but no I ain't a cheater
She hate me when I sip codeine, I'm a leaner
The devil on my shoulder keep on telling me to keep her
Should I take her out her shirt
I'll take her to the cleaner
Love don't end girl if it means no good for me
She's good for me
Too good
These hoes love playing me
Heartbreaking me
Don't pray for me
Just bring me drugs

Drugs got me sweatin', but the room gettin' colder
Lookin' at the devil and the angel on my shoulder
Will I die tonight? I don't know, is it over?
Lookin' for my next high, I'm lookin' for closure
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Funeral - RIP MAC MILLER 2018
See we swallowed in this web of lies, never try to exercise
You used to be a fantasy but now I guess it's televised
I heard the legends never died
Oh this lonely hell of mine
There never was a better time to better myself
Forever I melt and float away like waves in the ocean
Staring inside of Heaven's eyes, the gates will never open
I'm smoking on this field of hope, waiting till my deal gets closed
I keep getting hotter but all I seem to feel is cold
22 don't feel so old but I think I'm 82
You mean to tell me God took seven days and all he made was you?
I'm out here with the kangaroos, making danger, break the rules
Celebrate my date of birth with acid, get the days confused
Happiness I take from you, searching for the naked truth
I'm not awake, I'm in a lake, I'll swim away with you
Bitch, check out the butterfly
If you the truth then what the fuck am I?
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doper than a pope on a rope
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with a new woman, tell me she from Colorado
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Merry christmas bro