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Hey there! My name Is Swervs and I like to hang out on NF Combat Surf Casual and just enjoy gaming. I am currently obsessed with Rainbow Six Seige. I also love anime.

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🌸🎁⛳ Performance review for TR.$wervs 🍇🏓⚡

TR.$wervs enjoys working without supervision and always continues to carry out duties effectively. But also knows when a supervisor’s advice or authority is required, and seeks help at the appropriate time. Fast and accurate at solving mental math problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and percentages – but without high-level skills that might be required in jobs requiring complex calculation and analysis. In the face of setbacks or adversity will wait to see how others respond before continuing. Will continue to pursue the objective as long as others lead the way. but will give up otherwise. TR.$wervs likes to work with problems and enjoys problem-solving sessions. They present ideas and solutions but these are sometimes limited or unworkable.

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