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Tl;dr: Trust me and over 40,000 other people: Pick this one up.

If you are willing to trust the judgement of everyone ever, and you aren't just buying games for the eye candy, just scroll up and buy this game already. You're still here? Maybe my rundown of the game will convince you:

Factorio is a factory building game set in the distant future and on an alien planet. You are stranded alone (or with some other people if you have any friends who aren't afraid to sink hours on end into a game) and must build a rocket to escape, or at least, you USED to do that. Turns out most people, including me, didn't really care to leave the factory behind. Now you "win" by launching a satellite. "Win" in quotes, because you never really win, not when there's so much to optimize and improve.

The game features a crafting system that can be fully automated with machines called "Assembling Machines" (we just call them assemblers, buildings that craft things) and a transport system using "Transport Belts" (conveyors), "Inserters" (robot arms that move things within their reach), and "Trains" (Metal wheeled carts on track that... nevermind, that one is pretty straightforward), along with flying robots, naturally. The game features materials like iron, copper, coal, and uranium, as well as fluids like water, oil, sulfuric acid, blah blah blah.

The game is not without challenge, if you are up to the task. The game contains alien enemies who, being not very pleased with the pollution you're causing on their otherwise pristine planet, are, how can I put this... unfriendly. This is of course, togglable, and you could play the game without them (although, that wasn't always the case.), although they do provide an interesting dynamic and increase in complexity.

The modding scene in the game is fantastic, with nuance created by each mod, although, the game is already nuanced enough I feel.

Seriously, this game is beloved by all, what with a 98% positive rating on Steam, it's just an absolute treasure. Trust me and over 30,000 people: Pick this one up.
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M3M3 Jul 28, 2016 @ 11:37am 

M3M3 Jul 28, 2016 @ 11:37am 
Im triggered like the gun that killed harambe