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Unlocked Apr 14 @ 10:25pm

Chapter One

Completed Chapter One
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 8:27pm

Chapter Two

Completed Chapter Two
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 9:39pm

Chapter Three

Completed Chapter Three
Unlocked Apr 16 @ 8:59pm

Chapter Four

Completed Chapter Four
Unlocked Apr 16 @ 9:40pm

Chapter Five

Completed Chapter Five
Unlocked Apr 17 @ 8:08pm

Chapter Six

Completed Chapter Six
Unlocked Apr 18 @ 9:12pm

Chapter Seven

Completed Chapter Seven
Unlocked Apr 18 @ 9:21pm

Game Complete

Completed The Game
Unlocked Apr 16 @ 11:19pm

Boolean Logic

Completed Optional 6

This is a Lock

Completed Optional 1

A Polite Conversation

Completed Optional 2

The Universe's Machine Epsilon

Completed Optional 3

Algorithmic Composition

Completed Optional 4

The Chinese Room

Completed Optional 5

Thinking Outside of the Box

Completed Optional 7