Let me guess your here to cry.
First of all, did I/my team have UAV up, or did I maybe just use a killstreak/equipment/specialist which made me able to see or hear your location? Most folks don´t have a memory longer than a god damn goldfish. Then over to the important part, SOUNDS! Near £300 on headset and soundcard. Remember that you also make sounds when you climb over an obstacle, jump, reload and activate killstreaks. And let's never forget grass and snow, it's really easy to hear you move in it.

Now enough about sounds, with sad lot of experience which i have it's easy to anticipate where people go, what they're going to do and how to counter it. Memory has already been mentioned regarding killstreaks, but seriously, it's not hard to remember where you were camping when you killed me one kill ago. And let's not forget coincidences, don't mindlessly accuse someone the first round because the killcam seemed weird. Pay very close attention to killcams, alot can happen in those brief 3 seconds.

Friends in party are also useful resource to have and they can inform where the enemy is and from where they got killed. Don´t always asume that people that are better than you are cheating.

Oh and if it's aimbot, not wallhack, you're accusing me of, you clearly have no fucking clue what aim is.

Remember, it is OK for others to be better than you.
Oh if your still crying please leave a comment below I still like to laugh.

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So uhh... Are we not gonna discuss the multiple vac bans or...
CamperJoe Apr 15 @ 10:45am 
Well this dud is not playing clean, for the first hi is wallhacking so badly, second, hi is aimboting inn games, what is the point. well hi is a pedophile and fatt ginger boy.
*HGT*® Kataigidas® GR Mar 19 @ 9:58am 
little dick and no brain....cheating like a girl for what?for being a loser?you are a your life!You don't need hack to prove that to us....delete the game and kill your self by putting a finger in your ass.......!Pathetic faggot!
BuggerKnuckles Feb 3 @ 5:25pm 
"Let me guess your here to cry about hacks.
First of all, did I/my team have UAV up, or did..."

Nah mate, ket me justy stop you there...youve got vac bans already, several, and youre a cheating little twat. Once a cheat, always a cheat. Thats the end of it. Twat.
Tanatos Jan 1 @ 2:21pm 
Несколько блокировок VAC говорят за тебя
wDzZ Aug 6, 2017 @ 5:19am 
lmao, VAC banning you for being just good? Alright. You must be a first.