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@long.yuxuan   Tokyo, Japan
Thanks to these amazing people that helped me in my gaming career, both in skill and enjoyment.

Jaden "evv" Chew
Julliane "iFun" Andallo
Gio "Poeyy" Trinidad
LERL (doesn't want name revealed)
Nick "Dreamerung" Yee
Kritappas "Nukwu" Wuttikitanakul
Chester "Cezyse" Lo
Norman "Pronessf" Ho
Ian "Ruee" Teo
Kew Chin "k1tty" Loong
Joe Millen "Blawur" Tan
Rueben "Smiley" Seah
Nicholas "Dracomm" Andrian
Thanh Cong "Ghosty" Nguyen
Julian "Momotan" Kwok
Coleman "Nameloc" Li
Artwork Showcase
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596 Nov 3 @ 4:12am 
我又變粗了不少 趕快讓我插到天明
repulse Oct 20 @ 9:14am 
Uhm😤 by the way👩MEGU🙆They're not 🇨🇳 Chinese cartoons 📺💻it's called 😡ANIME!!!😍😍 GOT IT?!?! 😤😠 And they're ❌✋🙅NOT CHINESE!!! 🇨🇳 They're JAPANESE!!!!!!🇯🇵 🎌 So you'd better apologize 😱🙏🙇👎to me and my Waifu 👫💏RIGHT NOW 😡😠
Theory of lost souls Oct 20 @ 3:26am 
megumi is dead in my books
UpDog Oct 20 @ 3:15am 
megumi is dead in my books
BangFlash Oct 5 @ 5:35am 
Kris Wu Oct 4 @ 1:12am