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----------------I'm Only Looking For These Items----------------
Modest Pile of Hat ---Vintage, Level 13

Burny's Boney Bonnet ---Unique, Level 13

Cauterizer's Caudal Appendage ---Haunted, Level 13; Unique, Level 13

Lollichop Licker ---Haunted, Level 13; Unique, Level 13

Creature's Grin ---Haunted, Level 13; Unique, Level 13

Vampyro ---Haunted, Level 13; Unique, Level 13

Mr. Juice ---Haunted, Level 13

Please post a Comment or Send a Trade Offer if you have any of these exact items.
I am willing to buy or exchange and add if I have the item in non-level 13.

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Pyrobot Feb 23 @ 6:04pm 
Yo, there's a level 13 lolli licker on backpack.tf right now for just under 2 keys. I can't afford it atm, figured you'd like to know.
21.4k hour hoovy main Feb 21 @ 8:39am 
+rep fair trader
=TLL/MPD= Rickedy Split Feb 21 @ 8:35am 
+rep good trader
✪ MorisS_Bg99 Feb 8 @ 1:17am 
+rep thrusted trader (:
DADDY Feb 6 @ 8:57pm 
+rep sold me 3 buds for only 3 keys.
★ karbalion★ Feb 4 @ 2:27am 
+rep great guy awesome trader