Constin Liu   United States
hello again
baby exterminator: lets be honest hardware wise ur basically in a wheelchair

HUGE THANKS (in 2016 :P)
Mother Gaia- Self-craft tomb readers :o
Another Evan- Festive SMG & revolver c:
Shogun- Festive Stickybomb Launcher w/ Pumpkin Bombs & Exorcism + TOD Ticket :P
Cpt. Noms- 9 ref (lez go craft ^^)
Rey Pigman- CUSTOM CAKE! :steamhappy:
j0hn- SFM posters

Here's my trade offer link
Challenges I must complete:
-15 Ks on sniper w/o headshots {x}
-Double Airshot o.o {x}
-Triple Airshot :O {x}
-30 Ks with engie {x}
-5 Dominations in any given game {x}
-Market Garden a medic and drop uber {x}
-180 Quickscope on someone on a different altitude {x}
-Unbox 1 {x} 2 {x} 3 {x} 4 { } Unusuals
-Be stupid & resell unusual to get shit {x}
-Make a good investment {x}
-Strange Rank: Epic {x} Legendary {x} Australian {x} Hale's Own {x}
-Play UGC: Iron { } Steel {x} Silver {x} Gold { } Plat { } lol ugc i play

jump maps beaten (soldier)

My Random Acts of Kindness (2016)
January- Loque: 3 cans of white paint
February- Rey Pigman: Eldritch
March- nlspeed: Project Snowblind
April- Cpt. Noms: What's under your blanket, poop in my soup
BIGHEAD- #2783 Helmet without a Home
May- Arcmansterdam: Square Brawl
June- mads: Teleglitch
July- Mother Gaia: (Not) A Cthulu Dating Sim
August- Another Evan: DLC Quest
September- 1squishydude: Diamond Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.I
October- Kirbygon: Blood and Bacon, PAYDAY 2, Fanart :3
November- Masuo15: Animu DLC
December- Everyone gets a me-craft!
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Dear Sir and or madaam play in our rlg team pretty please xoxo - Linda52
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what a ♥♥♥♥ing ni
Cyn Jun 15 @ 11:50pm 
meemo be like: use creative to build a farm!
shu tiao Jun 15 @ 11:23pm 
meemo be like: lol i washed and gay. LOL GET MEMED LOL! LOL! LOL!
Im sorry >:3 May 26 @ 10:46pm 
what a punk