Daniel   Dallas, Texas, United States
Feel free to add me

Games i usually play:
STALKER (Dead Air mod)

Favorite musical artists: Lil Peep, $uicideboy$, Pouya, Paul Anka

GarnetGaming info:
Former Haqqani Networks General
Retired (Now Reserved) Russian SSO Operative

I love to chat with people so don't be afraid to hmu

I usually troll around and screw with everyone in CSS and GMOD so sorry if you've had a bad first impression of me <3


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A Story...
: So a family: a mom, a dad, a brother, a sister, a baby, and grandma's there for fun; they walk into a talent agent's office and, they tell the agent, we got a great act for you it's gonna knock your socks off. And the agent goes, we don't do family acts, there're to cute. And the dad says, ah but this is a kinda cute in a way you've never seen before, you're gonna like it I promise. The agent says alright, you got two minutes, let's see what you got.
The mom and dad start profusely making out, and the agent goes, it's a weird opener but I'll stick with it, this isn't so bad. Well wait until the kids start going at it to. Tongue and cheek, literally. And then the sister starts to kiss the dad, the mother starts to eat out the boy's asshole, pretty soon the whole family is locked in a terrible orgy that there's no escape from. They have reached the point of no return. And as the orgy is happening the begin to rotate, the whole family, even the baby who's being used as a dildo... HA HA!... They're all rotating except for grandma who's outside the rotation of orgy, cause someone's gotta be there to lick the dirty parts as they go by. And now there's just sweat, and cum, and piss, and, there's blood because things get crazy, but it's ok because they're all related so, it's fine...starts to laugh... Now the agent is uh... the agents' already called 911 by now..laughing... He started dialing when he noticed the son sticking a glass rod up his penis, and bending it like... Ooo... Like a glow stick, you just hear a handful of pops, and then he fucks his sister, with his little tiny baby dick. She's not loving it. He gets a little too excited and he cums the bloody cummy, glass shards into his sister's child cunt, that wasn't part of the act. Meanwhile mom's blowing dad... shakes head... right in front of the kids. Grandma's eating out the baby's asshole, the baby's eating cat food. But now it's a good time to say the mother's heh is retarded. And not just acceptably retarded, WHEELCHAIR retarded. Which is great because those one's drool a lot, so you always got a lubed hole, which was exactly what they were using. Wasn't sure she hated more... slams head on table... So anyways where was I? Blood, piss, cum, shit... Literally every bodily fluid you could think of was just smeared across the poor agent's office, especially the tears. I haven't forgotten about grandma, she gets up on top of the agent's desk, and pulls out a crossbow and she shoots a grappling hook up at ceiling and repeals down, off the desk across the room, pussy first onto the grandson's dick, they both fall over, he cracks three ribs, he dies. His last breaths were sucked out of him by the orgasm he was having, shooting his little cum load upside grandma. Meanwhile dad is busy punch fisting the daughter's front butt, mom's smearing her shitty glossotomy bag all over her developing tits. OH the baby! I forgot about the baby, it's head came off somewhere along the way. Now dad picks it up, and you might be thinking, Uh a decapitated baby's head, but the dad's thinking , OH a new hole! Right here points to throat And what do we do when we find a new hole? We make it bigger so... motion of baby's head on penis... So here's where it get's gross. By now mom has fallen out of the wheelchair and she's convulsing on the ground because at some point during the act she missed her, her dose. They put the headless baby's corpse into the wheelchair and they tie a long ribbon across the room and they use as a slingshot to sling the baby out the window, it barely missed agent's head. The brother's penis is inside the daughter, but he's not attached to it, she cut it off and is using the blood, she's running around with tribal paint on her face. You can't tell the difference between the brother and the sister at this point. The daughter pulls out noose, and ties it to the chandelier puts her neck through it, flat out hangs herself. Obviously the family uses it as a piñata. You can imagine, beating a kid over and over, with metal bats by the way, you can just imagine how the crunches turn into softer and softer beats you know? Cause you're just breaking her into fine bits from the inside. And you can imagine what's dripping on the ground. Different shades of red, and, and green for some reason? Brother's cum, that's dripping out of her as well. They start spinning her so all of her fluids are just shooting across the room. At this point, dad has filled two condoms fully with cum, and starts using them as cum-chucks on his, on his dead daughter. She's actually not dead yet, she's still dying. Did I mention the family's black? You thought they were white this whole time, but... oh my god, look, look, look right there black couple walks by Said that too soon. The last memory she'll ever have is her dad's cum in her eye.... right before she blacks out. And the agent goes, I'll never seen an act like that in my life! What do you call yourselves? And the dad limps up, he's limping cause you could imagine the terrible sex act, shit gets broke, one of his eyes is dead. He limps up to the agent's desk like a Walmart employee, and throws his hands on it. He says, can I see your pocket knife? So the agent says alright, this man seems sane, he gives him a pocket knife, and the dad carves THE ARISTOCRATS into the desk, and fills those grooves with cum, before taking that pocket knife and slitting his own throat, and dying, next to his wife, who's still breathing involuntarily mind you cause the oxygen tanks are still pumping her lungs. The whole family's dead at this point. This wasn't an act, it was, a mass suicide disguised as an audition. It's part of their religion. Cops arrive and the agent is arrested for mass murder CRACKS UP LAUGHING.................................................. I need a therapist.

dont take this seriously
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