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Fun fact: these cookies are infused with Napalm. Take that, fat man!
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About Steam Friend requests

For those who wish to send me a friend request here (and don’t know me personally); it’s more advised to join my Discord server and message me there:

We have two channels there dedicated for those to wish to publicly message me and ask me questions.

This is due to the unlimited amount of friends you can add there and it being a more stable platform to use than Steam with communication.

HOWEVER, I will NOT always be able to reply to messages immediately when they are sent to me. I will do my best to try and reply to all when I can though so if you just send the message, I'll be able to reply to it when I am able to. Thank you for understanding and having patience with receiving a response.

Thank you for understanding.

Saxxy Award Highlights - SFM / 3D Experience

2017 / 2018
The Backcap 2,074 votes (NOMINATED FOR BEST SHORT)
The Righteous Buff 1,295 votes (17th place Non-Nominated)

Meat Your Match 2,454 votes (6th place Non-Nominated)
Meow 1,260 votes (13th place Non-Nominated)

My Friend: The Remaster 558 votes (44th place Non-Nominated)
Got a Light? 468 votes (49th place Non-Nominated)

The Teddy Bear 1,143 votes (38th place Non-Nominated)

My Friend 723 votes (55th place Non-Nominated)

Lets avoid 2012 for now.


Then comes TF2 :medicon:, Pokemon, Sly Cooper, Rik Mayall (RiP)

I used to be in the Brony community; I don't watch the show anymore.

TV Shows
Rik and Ade - Dangerous Brothers, The Young Ones, Filthy; Rich and Catflap and Bottom, Whose Line is it Anyway

Music Tastes
Eminem, Weird Al Yankovic, Queen, Pendulum, Michael Buble, Meghan Trainor

Video Games
Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Team Fortress 2, Garrys Mod, Grand Theft Auto IV, Guitar Hero 2, Sly Cooper, Left 4 Dead 2

Religious Views
I'm an Athiest but I don't shove it in anyones face or mention religion at all in the slightest. I can respect what you believe in as long as you don't try and shove it down my throat 24/7

Competitive Mode
TF2 : Soldier/Medic main
Rocket Launcher, Original / Shotgun, Conch / Escape
Crossbow / Medi, Kritz, Quick / Ubersaw

Other competitive classes are Scout, Demo and Sniper but they aren't my mains

Accomplishments trying to Achieve (TF2 related)

Win a Saxxy Award - Once a year to attempt in winning!
3 Self Made Items - A Cosmetic, A Taunt and a Weapon Reskin
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good memedic in coiomp
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I have now made a generic post
XenoGenic Sep 29 @ 5:16am 
This bitchass ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ejecting me into space for shiny pokemon. My child is an orphan now. Am upset.