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x bunnyy
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i'm extremely nice pls :(
please address me as either kirisaku-san or minty-chan

i usually only get 4-6 hours of sleep
somewhat ok guitarist so pls consider picking me up for ur band :(
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Having played both with and against him, I can confirm that Hirasagi Hayate aka fRVena aka koku白 has shown great potential to become a top tier player. He possesses a vast knowledge of in-game mechanics on the Soldier class, being able to abuse map terrain to his advantage to win crucial 1v1s. Often turning the tides with key picks on the enemy Medic, Hirasagi Hayate’s influence on any given game has always been noticed, if not, appreciated and hated, by his team and the enemy team respectively. Medics have been warned; whenever they see a shadow in the sky, it is more often than not Hirasagi Hayate aka fRVena aka koku白, crashing down with the fury of a thousand Gods to take their lives, before escaping into the wind without so much as a thought on the travesty he has committed on the enemy team. His decision making and map awareness rival, if not, surpass the most veteran of players. Constantly coming up with clever hiding spots to surprise his unwary opponents, Hirasagi Hayate aka fRVena aka koku白 has always managed to outplay his opponents even though he may be at a vast number disadvantage. It is often too late to scream for mercy before the enemy gets obliterated by his rockets raining down on the hapless players. While his achievements on paper have been less than stellar, it has always been attributed to his incredible misfortune comprising clashing schedules, tragic incidents or lacklustre teammate commitments. I have no doubt that Hirasagi Hayate aka fRVena aka koku白will lead your team to a first place finish whether it may be via his back or as a supporting member of your team.

Written by Daniel "Krabby_Patty" "Excellence" Lim

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because you're being a♥♥♥♥♥♥but i still love you
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imagine being charles :lunar2019crylaughingpig:
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