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I've been playing The Walking Dead ever since the first season and it's sad to see this game go down such a dark path. Don't get me wrong Season 2 & Season 4 (so far) was great, Season 3 though was horrible, the story and characters were just terrible. Now that Telltale Games laid off 90% of their employees, its sad to say that there no future for the final season, we will not get to see Clem's fate sadly. Don't purchase this game since at the moment since there's only 1 episode and the 2nd episode seems to be cancelled along with episodes 3 & 4. I feel so ♥♥♥♥ing sorry for people who pre-ordered or bought this game and were excited for the season just for it to get cancelled, I'm hoping that everyone who purchased this game gets their $20 back.

R.I.P. Telltale Games
Posted September 22. Last edited September 22.
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Very deep and dark story, the gameplay may appear boring however once you start diving into the story, the game gets interesting. I recommend this for fans of horror and plot twists.
Posted March 12.
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This game has a dark and deep story, it is really worth getting into and I've been playing this game since realease. It is a great game and I recommend it to anyone who is into Telltale games like The Walking Dead, Batman, etc.
Posted February 1. Last edited February 21.
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