Jajuan Mays   United States Minor Outlying
20 Years of living and it still sucks wooooo!

Fell free to add me and talk about things you like I guess. I am into cars (Rally, GT, Auto-cross, F1, Hatchbacks, Mini trucks, Coupes) so it's a start. I'm not much of a multiplayer kind of guy, sorry. Bad experience in the past that I frown on.

I'm not much of a snitch or a SJW but I will say I have my limits.
Be kind (Treat other the way you want to be treated.)
Be respectful (Dose not matter what Age, Race, Religion etc.)
Be safe (AKA don't tell anyone your sensitive info.)

If you can't follow at least one of the rule you can ignore me and kindly fuck off c:
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PC Specifications/Other stuff if you care.
Mothorboard - Z97-G45
CPU - i5-4690K
PSU - Thermaltake S series 650W
GPU - MSI 1070 8GB GX
HDD - 2TB WD Blue/Black
OS - Windows 10 (Bleh)
Monitor - Dell D2719HGF (Great cheep 1080p/144hz monitor!)

I use a G29 for my weapon of choice. I also have a spare DFGT as well!
Thrustmasters products are unreliable as hell!
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I've had a few interviews, so far, nothing has turned out, but I just had a phone interview for a position that is paying $29 an hour. A couple more places I was thinking of will pay $24 an hour. Honestly, I would look into Cigna at the moment. They are doing a customer call center hire on. Like legit dude... I thought this stuff was impossible for me because I didn't have a degree. Being in a Temp agency has helped me grow my skills. Also, if I was more proactive when I first did my Temp work, I probably would have been able to find something a little more solid by now.
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Niiiice. Trust me man, I know it's a pain when trying to swap jobs because it requires some work. But honestly, if you can make a resume. I can help you with the rest. It's much easier after that point. I've learned about 1-tap apply positions, which is suuuper easy. You upload your resume, then any job you want to go for, just click 1-tap apply and you're done lol. It's a way to shoot it out there in the masses.
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What is up my dude.